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Notoriously Morbid The Blood Countess

Notoriously Morbid the Blood Countess Review Swatches

Today I wanted to share the Notoriously Morbid Blood Countess collection with you. I’ve been subscribed to the Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet for several months now but haven’t had a chance to show you some of their products until today. You’ve probably seen me mention Notoriously Morbid in some of my recent features including Best Cruelty Free Buys for $5 or Less, Lip Product Addict Tag, my Eyeshadow Hoard (collection), and Best Cruelty Free Blushes.

Notoriously Morbid The Blood Countess

Notoriously Morbid is cruelty free and they offer many vegan shades. All shades are marked as vegan, not-vegan, and lip safe or not lip safe.

The Blood Countess collection (a permanent collection) can be found here.

The Vanishing Cabinet is a monthly subscription. I have Out to the Black (Firefly), Writer of Dreams (Neil Gaiman), Dark Cheshire (Tim Curry), Us and the Dead (The Walking Dead), and the current Vanishing Cabinet, Dead Love (Sookie Stackhouse).

The Blood Countess was inspired by Elizabeth Bathory. Elizabeth Bathory was the inspiration for the Evil Queen in Snow White. I always liked the Evil Queen (even if Disney never gave her a name!), though not as much as I love Maleficent (who wouldn’t love a sorceress who could change herself into a dragon)?

This collection, with its wines, plums, mauves and hints of gold feels like it’s perfect for Winter.

Notoriously Morbid The Blood Countess

Above you can see the Blood Countess products I purchased on the right and on the left samples that I picked up. Also, I couldn’t help myself and I had to snag another Coffin Kisser.

All eyeshadows are swatched on Coastal Scents Step One Primer.

Notoriously Morbid Sadist Swatches Review

Sadist (not vegan)
A soft rosy mauve with illusive gold shimmer, Sadist can be built up to an intense wash of color, or blended for a delicate, innocent blush.
My Take
A beautiful rose with mauve tones and gold shimmer.

Notoriously Morbid Čachtice Lipcraft Gloss Swatch

Čachtice Lipcraft Gloss (vegan)
A vermilion shimmer with medium to opaque coverage.
My Take
beautiful red shimmer

Notoriously Morbid Noble Rage Swatch Review

Noble Rage (vegan)
A midnight black base layered with a metallic amethyst and rose and gold sparkles.
My Take
a lovely, complex dark shade with prominent metallic amethyst sheen and rose and gold sparks that peek through.

Notoriously Morbid Goblet of Red Swatch Review

Goblet of Red (not vegan)
A rich Merlot red with a powerful blue/green shift.
My Take
a wine red with strong blue-green shift.

Notoriously Morbid Gilded Mirror Swatch Review

Gilded Mirror (vegan)
A plum/mauve base with an airy gold overlay.
My Take
I really like this as a a lid shade. Normally I don’t consider myself a mauve person, but I like the golden overlay on this plummy mauve.

Notoriously Morbid Necromancy Swatch Review

Necromancy (vegan)
A cool-toned brown/gray with a matte finish, Necromancy is the perfect contouring shade for fair skin tones.
My Take
This is a very pigmented, cool-toned brown with hints of grey. You just need a light hand or a fiber optic brush and voila, perfect contour.

Notoriously Morbid Osteomancy Swatch Review

Osteomancy (vegan)
A pearly white highlight with the perfect amount of shimmer.
My Take
This is a beautiful highlighter, perfect for pale skin. I like this so much that after buying this sample, I bought a full size during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale.

Notoriously Morbid Wayward Son Swatch Review

Wayward Son (vegan)
light icy blue that rubs down to a silvery white with  golden green overlay
My Take
This is a beautiful, complex shade.  it’s great on its own, layered on top of other shades (try a dark blue or a black) or use it to highlight. It’s from the Winchester Gospels.

Notoriously Morbid Neno Swatch Review

Neno (vegan)
A dark metallic brown with lots of wow factor!
My Take
A metallic brown with hints of golden beige. This is not part of the Blood Countess. It’s part of the main collection.

Cara & Mel’s Rampage Coffin Kisser
Nutmeg and caramel.
My Take
I like this, but the Lemon Pound Cake is still my favorite!

Notoriously Morbid The Blood Countess Review Swatches

Notoriously Morbid makes a lot of lovely shades. This past Black Friday / Cyber Monday holiday weekend I took advantage of the NM sales. I picked up A Murder of Crows collection (inspired by the movie the Crow), as well as Osteomancy (full size highlighter), Mother & Earth (eyeshadow), Water & Intuition (eyeshadow), and Garmonbozia (eyeshadow). And did I mention that there is a Cermet & Paesh eyeshadow? (So happy that someone else found them hilarious) Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

Have you tried Notoriously Morbid? What are your favorite shades?



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