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Meow Shattered Equinox Eye Shadow & Blush Swatches

Meow’s Shattered Equinox collection is a sultry, tumultuous collection that’s perfect for fall. Violaceous, Purpuraceous and Sardonic in particular stand out to me.

Shade Descriptions:
*Sardonic – shocking midnight teal with green iridescence
*Morose – smokey sultry eggplant with metallic sheen
Balderdash – darkest aqua with blue iridescence with golden metallic sheen
*Purpuraceous – bright juicy grape with soft metallic cherry sparkle
*Grandiloquent – metallic golden bronze
Bane – intensely opaque, creamy metallic buffed silver with a soft buffed finish
Tarnished – bronzed umber with silver sparkle and gold iridescence
Dour – midnight plum with golden sheen
*Contagion – golden metallic olive drab green
Perverse – muted golden plum berry
Turmoil – cinnamon-bronzed sienna with silver sparkle
*Violaceous – brilliant aubergine with wine undertones and berry sheen
Deranged – rich deep forest with golden sheen
Melancholy – understated quiet plum with golden sparkle and rosy sheen

Colors marked with * are the ones I think stand out.

The blushes are also quite lovely, with Despondent Daydream and Rhetorical Ruin being the ones I like best.

Despondent Daydream – satiny true plum with a hint of muted wine
Rhetorical Ruin – salmon rose pink with soft sheen
Livid Lilac – muted soft focus cool lilac with satin finish
Delicious Despair – golden sheened raspberry with a distinch cool toned sheen
Troubled Torment – juicy chery berry pink with a satin finish

Samples were sent for consideration by PR.

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  • These are so beautiful! I want almost all of them.

    I’ve been drooling over mineral shadows, blushes and more from Meow, Darling Girl, Aromaleigh and the like, but I have no idea how to apply them, as in what kind of base to use. I keep reading about, and it would seem, that you would need a sealant, or sticky base for the loose powder to adhere to the eye. I’ve tried pixie epoxy with just regular shadows, and I must not be using it correctly, because it doesn’t make a difference, and in fact seems to cause more problems.

    Did you swatch these with or without a primer? I’ve read about Meow’s eye primer/sealant, but it must be discontinued because I don’t see it on their site.

    • These were swatched on primer. You really need a primer, in my opinion, with eyeshadows. I’ve got super oily lids, so without a primer, my eyeshadow is gone in 20 minutes.

  • Yeah, it’s probably a misfilled baggie. It took Meow 3 tries/ships once on an order of mine before I finally received the correctly filled sample color – I was getting so frustrated to keep on receiving the obviously wrong color (I kept on receiving a hot pink and it should have been a lime green), but finally they got it right; Meow’s CS is always very sweet though.

    • Yeah I can only go by what the label says :/ Meow’s CS is definitely always nice though! I’ve never once had a problem with them 🙂

  • Great swatches Phyrra! I received my samples of all of the new color sets last week and honestly I am just over the moon. I do so wish Tammy would make the Shattered and Sunless collections permanant!! Oddly though, your Dour and mine look completely different – mine is a smokey eggplanty purple w/golden sheen and yours looks pinkish on my monitor?

    • My Dour may have been mislabelled. I thought that my Dour looked close to my Perverse. I’ve had that happen in the past.

      • I’m getting a full size foundation which I’ve really missed, I’ll probably get another Eyeliner Sealant and few pigment samples, I just can’t without those 😀

        I’d love to get much more but I’ll have to leave some stuff for my next order 😀

        Fortunately, I’ll be placing an order with few other girls so we’ll split shipping cost 🙂

  • Beautiful swatches!
    Didn’t realize Meow had new blushes. Meow are the only blushes I’ve ever had success with.
    So excited to order samples.

  • These look great! I can see grandiloquent and violaceous going well together. I wish I got grandiloquent with my order, but I skipped it… darn…

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