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Makeup Wars Beauty Resolutions

Makeup Wars 2014 Beauty Resolutions

It’s time for another Makeup Wars! This time we’re sharing our Beauty Resolutions. Last year my Makeup Wars Beauty Resolution was to create 52 videos on Youtube. I figured at 1 a week I could make that goal.  I ended up making 133 videos in 2013 (publishing 127) so I am pleased to say I exceeded my goal! You can follow me on YouTube.

Makeup Wars Beauty Resolutions

For 2014, I’m setting what is most likely a harder goal for me. I’m setting the goal of growing out my hair. I’m taking biotin to make my nails stronger (and it should help with hair growth from what I understand). If you saw my Hair of 2013 post, you’ll have seen my hair styles by month. I favor short hair. So it’s going to be a challenge to keep me from lopping my hair short!

You can see in the picture above my current hair on the left (Special Effects Blue Mayhem with a tiny streak of Blue Velvet on the right side by the hairline that you can’t really see) and my dream hair on the right. The hair on the right is one of my favorite wigs, called Midnight Flame. This wig’s base is a blend of black and purple black that transitions into a bordeaux burgundy and then finally transitions into a deep dark cherry red.

To keep my hair healthy, I’m going to cut back on the heat (not that I use heat very often) and I’m going to use my Pretty Little Elixir Hair Masque weekly.

My Favorite Short Hair Styles on Me

The other goals that I have are more typical – to be healthier. I need to work out more to improve my stamina and I really need to start lifting weights.

What are your New Years Resolutions? Do you have any Beauty Resolutions?

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  • That wig looks AMAZING on you! I seem to be in the same cycle as you… grow my hair long, and then cut it all off! Keeps things interesting, though.

  • I love how you play around with hair colors ! I use to back in high school but kinda want to try the gray hair trend but I’m afraid. Can’t wait to see how much your hair grows.

  • I said it before and I’ll say it again, you can rock any color and hairstyle. All the best to you in 2014.xo

  • My sissy has had short hair since Pink first came out with her pink hair, since she loved her and her style, she cut her hair short and used Manic I think to go blond then pink. That was about 15 years ago and she has a hard time now growing her hair out because she gets so uncomfortable. But you can do it. I use straight up virgin unrefined cold pressed coconut oil to keep my hair at bay along with everything else. It is my gold in a jar… keeps my eczema at bay and my very long curly hair from going wild and protects it. You might want to give that a try 🙂

  • I used to take Biotin and it definitely helped make my hair stronger, now I just take a ‘hair skin and nails’ combo supplement – I want my hair to be as long as possible 🙂 great resolutions for the new year!

  • I wish I could use Biotin but it always seems to break me out which is a shame since I want stronger and longer nails!

  • I’ve never known you with long hair! I’m sure it will look great, but I may not recognize you! lol

  • I hope Biotin works for you! My nails and hair grew like weeds, but I had to stop because it gave me cystic acne. However, I think I was taking the largest dose possible when that happened. I recently bought a new bottle at Whole Food that has a much, much lower dose.

  • I love your hair short or long! 😀 I love how you rock color with ease! 😀 You are my “rockstar role model” <3

  • I love your hair either way! Can’t wait to see it when it gets there and what you do with it!

  • I’ve been taking Biotin, mostly for my nails. It does make my hair grow more quickly, too 🙂 My resolution is to be a kinder person 🙂

  • Biotin really works!!! That should certainly help with growing your hair out. Looking forward to seeing some longer styles on you! I know, it takes forever to grow hair out. So, just be patient.

  • I did grow out my hair in one year, without treatments, so I totally think you can do it if you take supplements! I must chop off my ends because I want the back and the sides in the same length. I did not even trim the ends in ’13!
    My main goal for ’14 is to really work through my existing makeup. Focus more on skin, take regular walks since I sit still on my job!

  • I love that dark blue. I think you look great in that. It’s so hard to grow out hair – that’s why I’m afraid to ever cut my hair. I love you in short hair but it will be interesting to watch it grow.

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