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Makeup Geek Basics Palette

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Makeup Geek Basics Palette Swatches Review

I wanted to put together a Makeup Geek Basics palette for you. This is a palette that is full of 9 useful staple neutral shades. This is my third installment in the DIY Makeup Geek palette series. Make sure you check out my DIY Peach Palette and DIY Duochrome Palette.

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Makeup Geek Basics Palette

Where to Buy
Makeup Geek

$6 each for most shades (.064 oz)

By now you already know that this is my small holographic z-palette that I’ve fallen in love with. Yes, I’m distracted by the shiny. Makeup Geek offers small and large z-palettes in other colors too.

Makeup Geek Basics Palette

Row 1 – Vanilla Bean – Beaches & Cream – Purely Naked
Row 2 – Barcelona Beach – Prom Night – Americano
Row 3 – Cherry Cola – Stealth – Corrupt

All swatches are on Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean swatch
Vanilla Bean
pale creamy peachy beige satin-matte.
This works as a base shade or a subtle highlighter.

Makeup Geek Beaches and Cream swatch
Beaches & Cream
peachy beige matte.
This can be used as a lid shade or a transitional shade or to blend out the edges of other shades.

Makeup Geek Purely Naked swatch
Purely Naked
nude brown with pink undertone in a satin matte finish.
This can be used as a wash of color on the lid and crease, as a subtle crease color (if you’re pale like me), or a lid shade.

Makeup Geek Barcelona Beach swatch
Barcelona Beach
sandy grey brown taupe matte.
This works well as a lid shade or a crease color.

Makeup Geek Prom Night Swatch
Prom Night
taupe with hints of purple and brown shimmer.
This is a pretty universally flattering taupe for the lid or all over.

Makeup Geek Americano swatch
dark brown with purple undertone matte.
This is a great crease or liner color.

Makeup Geek Cherry Cola swatch
Cherry Cola
dark burgundy brown matte.
This is a great crease or liner color.

Makeup Geek Stealth swatch
grey with blue undertone matte.
I love this as a crease or liner color. Also works well for a smoky eye.
Makeup Geek Corrupt swatch
intense matte black, one of the best black shades ever.
This is such a fantastic black. It’s great for a smoky eye, for liner, to smudge at the roots of your lashes.

Makeup Geek Basics Palette

Row 1 – Corrupt – Cherry Cola – Prom Night – Purely Naked – Vanilla Bean
Row 2 – Stealth – Americano – Barcelona Beach – Beaches & Cream

I do have a couple of alternate shades to suggest, too. I don’t have White Lies (a true white matte), but if you want this to be a true staple basics palette, substitute White Lies for Beaches and Cream, so that you have a true white in this set. You can also opt to switch Prom Night for Confection (pale pink matte) or Galaxy (this is a stunning shimmery gunmetal). With this set of colors you can do a warm or cool smoky look.

Combinations to try

  • Prom Night, Stealth, Corrupt
  • Purely Naked, Americano, Corrupt
  • Barcelona Beach and Stealth
  • Prom Night, Americano
  • Beaches and Cream, Cherry Cola
  • Cherry Cola, Corrupt
  • Stealth, Corrupt

DIY Makeup Geek Series

What do you think of my DIY Makeup Geek Basics Palette? What would you add to it? Let me know below!

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