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Kiss Gel Dress Nails Majestic

Kiss Gel Dress Nails in Majestic
Kiss Gel Dress Nails Majestic

For the Cover FX event, I knew I wanted fun, colorful nails. I decided to use the Kiss Gel Dress Nails in Majestic on my tips. For my toes I used Cult Nails Nevermore with Winter’s Light on top. I also picked up the Kiss gel top coat, so that I could cure my nails under the LED lamp. I wanted to make sure my nails wouldn’t budge. I’m hard on my nails, especially lately, between the gym, constant typing on my computer keyboard, dishes, hot soaks in the bath, so I wanted to see how long they would last, too.

The Majestic design looks like it’s been discontinued already from the Kiss website, which is too bad, because I love it. It’s a gradient of hot pink to orange to yellow. You then have stars and hearts that you can put on top. I wish they sold the star stickers separately because I’d buy those to use for nail art.

About Kiss Gel Dress Nails
These are the next generation in gel manicures—the only gel strips with peel-off removal! Wear for up to one week with regular top coat or up to two weeks with Double-Up Top Gel.  See select packages that come with DIY accents for instant nail art!

$5.99 for the stickers
$7.99 for 7 ml gel top coat

Kiss Nails, Walgreens

All pictures taken outside in direct sunlight with no flash. Yes, my Bunny Paige Volcano Heart Spiked Necklace looks great in the sun.

Kiss Gel Nails Majestic

Here’s what I did to prep my nails for application.

  1. I filed my tips with a glass nail file.
  2. I cleaned my nails with Zoya Remove to prep them.
  3. I carefully matched up the stickers and then applied them from to my smallest nails first, working my way up.
  4. I used the enclosed nail file to file off the excess stickers.
  5. I applied hearts and stars on top.
  6. I applied the gel top coat.
  7. I ended up ‘curing’ my nails for 2 minutes in the LED lamp instead of 1.

Kiss Gel Nails Majestic

I have rather small nail beds, but I only had to cut down 2 of the stickers to fit my nails, which isn’t bad. Kiss seems to be the only brand that makes smaller sized stickers. Some brands are so big I’d have to cut them down for all my fingers and I don’t like to do that.

Kiss Gel Nails Majestic

It NEVER fails that I end up breaking my nails. I broke 2 nails on my sliding glass door handle.

Kiss Gel Nails Majestic

I feel like the stickers are fairly inexpensive. While you can certainly purchase a bottle of nail polish for anywhere from 99 cents to $25 and up, depending on your tastes, $5.99 for 1 set of stickers isn’t bad. If you compare it to what you would pay for a professional manicure, which again, could vary from $10 to $40 (depending on your area and the complexity of the design), I can see how they set the price. The top coat, on the other hand, at $7.99 for 7ml seems pretty high for the price and you’re getting a small amount of product.

Now, as far as wear goes, the gel cured nails lasted 3 days before one started to come up. Once that happened, I peeled the rest off. They are definitely not as long lasting for me as more traditional gel nails, but they’re super easy to get on and off. If you’re hard on nails, like I am, they may not last up to 2 weeks as claimed. If you’re easy on your nails, I could see them lasting a week.

Still, these were amazingly bright, lovely and perfect for my event. I’ve already purchased a set called Sugar & Spice to wear sometime soon.

What do you think of the Kiss Gel Dress nails? Have you tried them?


  • Beautiful patterns
  • Easy to apply
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Don’t last as long as advertised if you’re hard on your nails like I am
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