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Kat Von D Innerstellar vs. Urban Decay Naked Smoky

Quick Comparison - Kat Von D Innerstellar vs. Urban Decay Naked Smoky -

I made a quick comparison between the Kat Von D Innerstellar vs. Urban Decay Naked Smoky palettes due to overwhelming request. Both of these palettes are cruelty free.

Pr + purchased by me.

Kat Von D Innerstellar vs. Urban Decay Naked Smoky

The KVD contains 4 brown shades that I feel are nearly identical and I won’t ever use. The UD palette has 2 brown shades that I won’t ever use. So by that comparison alone, there are more shades in the UD that I prefer to the KVD. The KVD has 6 in particular that I really like – Moonshine, Dios, Darkstar, Gravitron, Astrological and Lunacy. The KVD has a true purple – Lunacy.  UD has 8 shades I really like – High, Dirtysweet, Combust, Thirteen, Slanted, Armor, Dagger and Black Market. I might come to love Smolder, even though it’s not a true purple. I really love that both have mattes. I love the cool tones, silvers and greys.

For me what it comes down to is – Kat Von D has 6 shades I really, really like and 4 shades I really, really dislike. I don’t like most brown eyeshadows. They go muddy on me and aren’t flattering.
Naked Smoky has 2 shades I dislike and the 8 shades I really like. So for me it’s more shades I like. Grey shades are more flattering on me.

You can see my First Look Video and Swatches of the Naked Smoky here.

You can see my first eyeshadow look, an everyday slightly smoky look here. I talk about the eyeshadow formula for the shades I wear in the look, which includes a few that I’m surprisingly disappointed in.

You can buy the Kat Von D now. The UD palette will be available on July 8th.

Which do you prefer between these two?



  • My opinion… skip both and try to get your hands on the old UD Smokes. It’s superior to both.

  • I must be the only person in the world who likes all the browns in the Innerstellar palette! But then, this particular shade of brown looks fantastic on me, so I don’t mind having four backups. 😉 Anyway, I love Innerstellar even more than I thought I would when I purchased it. It’s capable of creating so many interesting smoky looks that as of right now I don’t feel more than a slight interest in Naked Smoky.

    Side note: in Innerstellar, the shade Gravitron looks amazing layered over the darker colors, especially Lunacy. It really pumps up the purple and gives it an awesome duochrome effect.

    • For me, those sort of brown shades just go muddy on me and look awful, which is why I’m not a fan. So happy to hear they work for you 🙂 I NEED to try Gravitron the way you suggested, thank you so much for the idea!

      • Do please try Gravitron like that! I saw it on a random Youtube tutorial and was all “OMG! Why aren’t they marketing it for this!”

  • WHAT. THE. HELL. All four of those browns in the KvD are way too similar to all be in the same palette! I got frustrated at my TF Chocolate Bar bc there are three shimmery browns that are SO SIMILAR

  • Although you dont like the browns in the innerstellar have to agree that you have more molor in it than the UD smokey… I really still think having the innerstellar I can pass the UD without problems…

  • Love the look of both. Would give anything for a vegan version of Innerstellar (hint hint Silk Naturals!!). Before I saw your swatches I honestly thought one could replace the other, but defo not. They are both so beautiful!

    • That’s one of those things I would email Silk Naturals and tell her you’d love to see. She may make clones of things if she gets a lot of requests.

  • I’d have to pick Kat Von D Innerstellar, Lunacy is what won my vote. Plus I like the packaging, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and product boxes, lol.

    • The 6 shades in the KVD I really, really like but I feel so insulted by those 4 nearly identical browns in it! What a freakin’ waste! I do like the grey tones in the Naked Smoky a ton, though Combust was not fun to work with for the look i created today.

  • For some reason when I see these two palettes side by side it makes me like the Innersteller palette more than I did initially.

    • Maybe because the silvers are lighter and brighter and the purples are more true purples? The only reason the KVD doesn’t come out on top for me is the 4 useless nearly identical (to me) browns in the palette. They feel like such a waste to me.

  • I don’t have the Kat von D palette, but I think I’d prefer it to the UD one. I like that it has purples, and the grays look lighter. The UD has pretty shades (except for the couple of patchy matte browns), but I sometimes have problems with medium-dark browns and grays turning muddy on me, especially if they’re cooler.

    • Yeah I love the purples and silvers in the KVD. If it didn’t have the 4 nearly identical browns that I hate it would come out on top of the Naked Smoky for me. But those 4 browns kill it for me. Greys are usually really flattering on me whereas those 4 browns go muddy and look like crap on me.

      • The browns are the reason I never took the plunge and bought this one. I have so many. I don’t need 4 that are so similar.

          • I tend to have the same problem you do with those medium-dark brown shades going muddy on me sometimes (the same goes for medium-dark grays). Coastal Scents Revealed Palette (the first one, roughly a Naked 1 dupe) muddied up on me like crazy, for example.

  • I prefer the KvD one because it seems to have a little more variety. Sadly I never got my hands on it and probably never will 🙁

  • Yes you have said it all. The matte brown shades I would never use (not a fan of matte anything), the purple in KVD is a lovely shade. Dagger and Black Market look too similar for my liking, I wish one of them was different. All in all – very similar palettes.

    • The 3 silvers and 3 pinks/purples in the Kat Von D I like a lot, but those 4 browns really kill it for me. They often go muddy on me and don’t look flattering at all. The Naked Smoky greys look good on me.

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