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Jar or Airless Pump?

Jar or Airless Pump?

Which do you prefer – a jar or airless pump? When it comes to anti-aging moisturizers (or any type of skincare product for me for that matter) I detest a jar. I want an airless pump or a squeeze tube. I feel like the anti-aging ingredients and other goodies inside the moisturizer will work better if they’re kept away from the air.

I am so sick of seeing companies say ‘women want fancy jars to stick their fingers into and put on their vanity.’ I hate sticking my fingers into jars. Yuck. I don’t enjoy the feeling of scooping out the cream. I don’t care so much for what the packaging looks like because I put it into my bathroom storage, away from the sunlight. And when it comes to travel, I’d definitely prefer to have an airless pump or a squeeze tube, something that’s more lightweight and travel friendly than to lug around a heavy jar.

When I do sometimes try cruelty free anti-aging moisturizers in jars, my opinion is typically, I like the product, hate the packaging, would only repurchase if it comes in better packaging. I know I’m not alone in my dislike of jars, because Paula from Paula’s Choice loathes them too.

So how about you  – airless pump or jar? 



  • I am sure that I am totally in the minority here, but I do prefer jars. I am the woman that cosmetic companies are talking about with the fancy jars. Growing up, I was always mesmerized by vanities and products placed on vanities – in the movies, my grandmother, adult women that I knew. It makes me feel pretty and glamorous to see a jar of night cream sitting on my bathroom shelf.I feel like it makes my skin care routine a little more special. I know that when I put on my moisturizer, eye cream, etc. my hands are clean and I’m not digging in with dirty nails. Plus, I really like to reuse empty jars to store earrings, etc.
    -That being said – I do think that pump products are better at preserving the efficacy of a product.

  • I completely agree! Thank u for a post I wish more beauty bloggers would shed some light on as it’s ludicrous to spend money on lovely ingredients that go rancid due to poor packaging especially when science proves that jar packaging degrades the beneficial ingredients. And like you said I abhor the feeling of digging out a cream it’s beyond unsanitary even with a scooper which is just another frustrating gadget I have to keep up with which I eventually would loose. I gladly pay more for an airless pump or choose a tube. There are many great products that I would love to try yet the jar packaging prohibits me from buying them. As always you bring us great topics and great thought provoking subjects!

  • I like jars better because you can actually get all the product out. Have you ever cut a squeeze tube in half after you think it’s empty? SO MUCH product left! Same with a pump, I always throw it away before I use up the product because I just can’t reach all of it. With a jar I have full access to all of the product.

      • They even make a contraption that’s inexpensive to use on a tube to get all of it out much like the toothpaste roller And a large thick hair pen works great too on a tube!

  • I hate jars. I need to find an eye cream that doesn’t come in a jar.
    Another pet peeve why glass container for foundation, how am I supposed to travel with my liquid or mouse foundation ?

    • I think companies do glass containers for foundation so that they look / feel more expensive. You can travel with them, as long as you wrap them in bubble wrap!

  • i agree with everything here – especially the notion of getting microbes into creams by using hands. I mean, life is full of germs and stuff, but I don’t want to shove my fingers in a jar and wonder what I’m then growing in my fancy expensive face cream. It’s just amazing how so many high end creams deliver products in jars. Who makes these choices? It’s baffling…

  • I much prefer pumps to jars. My only complaint with pumps is I often feel like I can’t get the last bit out of the container. I just recently bought a night cream serum by CeraVe that I love but of COURSE it comes in a jar. It’s a balm-like texture so I guess a pump might not be practical with it, though I think a squeeze tube would work. I do wash my hands well before I use it but I really wish it was in a tube!

    • I’ve started emailing companies, requesting that they eliminate jar packaging. Of course I never get a response back, but at least I’m giving them feedback! I think night creams are the worst offenders! At least with SPF products most companies now use squeeze tubes.

  • I also hate jars. I actually bought some airless pump jars on eBay & transferred my 2 favorite products into them. They are the same kind of jars that the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly comes in & I love that I can wipe the top off with rubbing alcohol wipes,

    • I bought some airless pump containers when I had one of the pumps for my Supergoop moisturizer fail to work so that I could transfer the entire full tube into the airless pump and not lose any product. Glad to know that you did it with your favorites 🙂

  • If the pump works well and isn’t cheap, a pump. Squeeze tubes are great, too. I agree with you about jars on every count. I clean my hands and nails before dipping, but just the fact that so much surface area is open to the air when using them bothers me.

  • I can’t stand jar packaging, but my face has gotten so picky with age that I’ll use a spatula for a great product. I never use fingers.

  • I’m with you! Can’t stand jars… even when my hands are cleaned, I feel every time I dip my fingers into a jar.. it’s like a breeding ground for bacteria! But depending on the pump or squeeze tube.. I sometimes feel like I can’t get the last drop of product out of the container =(

    • I actually feel like the squeeze tube gives me the last drops of most moisturizers. I just don’t know who these people are that want those jars anymore.

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