Is Bliss Cruelty-free?

Is Bliss Cruelty-free?

Is Bliss Cruelty-free?

Recently I reached out to Bliss to ask, Is Bliss Cruelty-free? Last I’d heard, they were selling in China and other places that animal testing was mandatory. I received an initial positive response, but asked for more details so I was put in touch with their PR person who was able to answer my questions in great depth.

So when I asked, is Bliss Cruelty-free?, this is their response:

  • Early this year, Bliss underwent a total brand relaunch – all of the products are new. Bliss has discontinued all of the old Bliss products and no longer manufactures, sells, or distributes any of them. The below responses are specific to the relaunch only (all products currently on Blissworld.com, Target (in-store and online), and Ulta (in-store and online). The brand has ensured that all re-launch products are cruelty-free in accordance with PETA standards.
  • Bliss is currently in the process of applying for PETA certification and has certifications from all of their suppliers/manufacturers that they do not commission animal testing or test on animals.
  • Bliss is entirely cruelty free; the company, parent company, and manufacturers do not test on animals.
  • The brand is currently only available domestically in Target, Ulta and Amazon (shipping to US) and blissworld.com (shipping to US). That said, it is not sold in any markets where animal testing is required by local law and regulations. At this time, the only international locations Bliss will ship to are their 4 international Bliss spa locations which include Doha (Qatar), Barcelona (Spain), Hong Kong, and St. Petersburg (Russia). The brand ships directly to these spas and does not work with outside distributors in these scenarios.
  • Over 85% of Bliss’ products are vegan (and therefore, vegetarian). The only ones that are not vegan are: In the Honey Mask (honey, honey extract, propolis extract), Fabulips (beeswax), Oh That’s Rich (honey), Poetic Waxing (beeswax, lanolin), and Lemon & Sage Body Polish (beeswax, honey). For these products, Bliss has on file an ethical sourcing verification for each of these ingredients that states that the animal is not harmed in the harvesting or preparation of the ingredient. For instance, the In the Honey Mask features honey and honey extract, which obviously come from bees, but are sourced in a way that doesn’t harm or kill bees. The other 30 products in the Bliss line are 100% vegan.
  • While the brand is not currently certified by Leaping Bunny, this is something they may consider for future launches/product development. At the moment, however, the brand is prioritizing PETA certification for all on-shelf/existing launches and future launches alike.

With this response, I feel very confident saying that Bliss is cruelty-free and I will now support them!

I wish every brand gave me as thorough a response, and was as prompt! I hate that so many brands don’t even bother to respond to me.


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