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How to Care for Locks Hair

How to Care for Locks Hair

This is a contributing post by my friend Sapphire Kharyzma. See her bio at the end of the post.

“Beauty” to me, is definitely in the eyes of the beholder! I say this because, I define and redefine my beauty everyday! It compiles of various aspects — including makeup and hair…my favorite being hair!  My hair is my crown! It is my frame, my pride, my joy! It keeps me on my toes all the while, attracting admiration and praise. I have been a natural dread (locks) for over 6 years now, and I won’t say that the journey has been without it’s ups and downs, but I cannot imagine “me”…without them!

I’ve done my fair share of research, spoke with professionals, listened to experts and celebs and decided that I wanted to be more than unique! My mixed culture did indeed make the initial locking process very hard and what seemed to be…never ending. But, what worked for me was “au natural.” I only use paraben, chemical-free, organic, cruelty-free products on my tresses (and body…inside & out)…period! I scour shops, markets, boutiques, huts, malls, chains — you get the point — in search of the “elite” collection of “to die for” beauty on the go products, that I myself…cannot be without! I do this because, my hair requires lots of care, grooming, treating and cleansing!

Right now, it sits down to my lower back. Washing it takes approximately an hour. In fact, for the first 2 years, my hair took me 4 hours to style (wash, treat, twist and dry). Today, It takes half that. I would like to share my “hair care ritual” for lovely locks — with you:

1. I saturate my hair in the shower (while enjoying feeling the drops dancing and playing on my scalp) for at least 5 minutes. This saturation gives my hair an instant burst of moisture — quenching it’s thirst! It also allows for the shampoo to spread smoothly and evenly, throughout.

2. Once nice and saturated, I apply shampoo (my faves being Peter Lamas, Shea Moisture, Carol’s Daughter, DermOrganic) and gently massage scalp, while working my way down each lock (in a group of course). Usually, I am captivated by the invigorating scents of the product of choice.  I repeat process 2 times.

3. I rinse my hair for approximately 10 minutes in-between shampooing because my thick locks — hold in almost anything saturated into it…and if not careful, can mold and rot if not completely rinsed of whatever product I am using! That’s why I keep clear of petroleum, lanolin, bees wax and any other product that will allow buildup…eventually causing weak, dull locks…that pop easily.

4. I then wrap my locks up in hair towel, to absorb excess water. Once my locks are no longer drenched (I can tell because my hair gets less heavy), I proceed to spritz on my leave-in conditioner. I don’t use regular conditioner unless my hair is seriously dull looking and feels lifeless! I then use it as a treatment…rinsing for almost a half hour!

5. Either way, after conditioning, I begin to twist my locks, one at a time — using organic oils, promades, salves and cremes, using tiny amounts to avoid overuse. Each product I use washes out without leaving any leftovers. I usually start twisting (in whatever direction you prefer) from the back-to-the-front — left-half-to-the-right-half (hair is sectioned in two…but first started out with it in four).

6. I then let my locks air-dry (a hair dryer is used when its extremely cold out or if its late in the evening)

And there you have it! But it’s not only the process that’s important. The products used, your health and what you eat/drink also determines your tresses health. I use beauty boosts like Argan Oil, Seabucks Seed & Berry Oils – just to name a few. I do my ritual weekly, usually on a Sunday, as that is my “spa” day! I do facials, mani/pedi, massages…the works! I even include my teen girls. I exercise, do yoga, eat absolutely no meat/seafood and love fruits and veggies! If you ever have any questions about the natural hair transformation, care, treatment, conditioning, shampooing, styling —  anything, I would be happy to assist you.

Sapphire Kharyzma
Your  “Haute Hairess”!


Sapphire Kharyzma is a beauty, fashion & life(STYLE) writer, beauty & lifestyle ambassador and creative, travel GODDESS — who scripts the pages of her future, while passionately living her dreams to the fullest. Her fascination with bliss — has led her to embark on a creative mission to empower, educate and entertain her fellow mavens — how to “unleash the bliss or inner goddess within”. You can catch Sapphire blogging her captivated moments on Mind+Body Soul’U’tions.

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