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Heart Nail Designs Mani

Heart Nail Designs

Hello beautiful creatures and happy Sunday! I finally had the creativity, time, and energy to do a new mani: my heart nail designs mani. It’s just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I put my full coverage tips on the same way every time, no matter what nail shape I choose. Need help doing your nails at home? Watch my how to DIY gel nails tutorial. I take you step-by-step through the whole process.

Heart Nail Designs How To

I wanted the iGel Beauty Candy Aurora AC1 Chrome Powder Pen to be the centerpiece for this manicure.

First, I applied an even single coat of Madam Glam Spiced Up (dark red shimmer) gel polish and cured it. Second, I applied a thin coat of iGel Beauty No Wipe Top Coat and cured it. Third, I used the Candy Aurora AC1 Chrome Powder Pen to buff the powder onto each of my nails. I had to tap the tip of the pen inside the cap every other nail. Fourth, I dotted iGel Beauty Jewelry Gel at the center of each of my nails by the cuticle. Fifth, I used a nail art tool to pick up each large heart and small heart gem and carefully place it on top of the Jewelry Gel. Sixth, I applied a thin layer of iGel No Wipe Top Coat to the rest of the exposed nail and then cured my nails.

In my humble opinion, applying heart shaped nail art gems is the easiest way to come up with heart nail designs for your manicure. However, if nail art gems aren’t for you, you can always try some of the heart-themed stamping plates. These hollowed out iridescent heart shaped glitter would be beautiful. Heart nail art stickers are pretty easy to use, too.

Candy Aurora Heart Mani

iGel Candy Aurora Heart Mani Red Aurora Heart Mani Heart Nail Designs Mani Valentine's Day Mani

Ever since I laid eyes on the iGel Beauty Candy Aurora AC1 Chrome Powder Pen, I’ve been obsessing with how I would use it. It’s supposed to be reminiscent of the celestial beauty of the Aurora lights. I had a strong suspicion it would look amazing on top of a red gel, and it did not disappoint! It shifts from rose gold to pink to gold to green on top of its red base. I love this multichrome magic for my Valentine’s Day mani.

On a more personal note, I’m enjoying my new job. My new coworkers are kind and easy to work with. It does leave me exhausted right now, but hopefully by the end of my second month I’ll start feeling more like myself again. Whenever I’m quiet on my blog, you can always find me in the PhyrraNyx Facebook Group, as I check in there daily.

What’s on your nails right now? Do you love chrome powder on nails? I love how it has an almost alien feel to it.


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