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Geek Chic Vegan Foundation

Geek Chic Vegan Foundation in Kahlan

My Geek Chic Cosmetics Cutie Face Foundation in Kahlan arrived today. I’m really excited about this. It’s a vegan foundation. It’s also gluten free.

Pr sample.

Geek Chic Vegan Foundation

The Geek
“We all can be only what we are, nothing more, nothing less.”

She is a Confessor. Her mission? Find and protect the Seeker, the one promised to defeat the evil ruler Darken Rahl. Fall in love him in the process? Not part of the plan.

Kahlan doesn’t merely rely on her ivory skin and luscious locks to protect the Seeker, we hear she’s pretty good with a dagger. Oh, and with a single touch she can command any man to do her bidding. There’s that too.

The Chic
Kahlan is our color for those with a pale yet still tan tint to their skin, and comes in a 20gr jar with sifter and screw-on lid.

I loved the first several books in the Sword of Truth series, which is the book series that Kahlan is from. Did you read these Terry Goodkind books? Did you finish the series? I can’t remember where I stopped in it.



  • I’m a bit late off the bat here but my Kahlan foundation arrived a week ago and it is utterly brilliant! Anyone thinking of giving it a go, DO!

    1) Excellent shade- super pale! And there’s a special one for us yellow folk!
    2) Holy moly- COVERAGE! Boom. Perfect face! I use a flat, stiff brush from Claire’s Accessories and it goes on perfect in less than five minutes!
    3) Super- duper oil- fighter! This stuff stays where I damn well put it!
    4) Spreading…! I saw the small jar and thought ‘noooo’ but it takes so little to cover my whole face! (And I’ve a big head! 😛 )

  • I freaked out when I read/saw this!! Sword of Truth series is one of my favorite collections of all time <3!! I used to post that quote in every single one of my profiles. I wish the show had stuck to the books a whooooole lot better, but then they never would've been allowed to have it on tv probably.

  • Can’t wait to see your review of this! I read all of the Sword of Truth series and while it really dragged in the middle, I ended up liking the last few books more than I liked the beginning! Did you ever catch the show? It was a bit cheesy (done by the same people who did Hercules and Xena), but it was a pretty good adaptation! My husband hasn’t read the books and is kinda obsessed with it! LOL

  • As always, I’ll look forward to your review of this product. I love getting your opinion on foundations. 🙂

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