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Cruelty-free Drugstore Alternatives to Wet n’ Wild Beauty

Cruelty-free Drugstore Alternatives to Wet n’ Wild Beauty

Today I’m sharing my Cruelty-free Drugstore Alternatives to Wet n’ Wild Beauty with you. All of these brands are cruelty-free, and several of them are Leaping Bunny Certified Makeup Brands. Wet n’ Wild has not responded to my questions about their supposed pilot program. Watsons said ‘it’s classified’ and they can’t talk about it. After the lying from Wet n’ Wild on whether or not they were selling in China, it’s hard to believe anything they say, so I don’t trust them and will not buy from them. That’s why I wanted to share Cover Girl, Nyx, Flower Beauty, Physicians Formula and more with you!

Cruelty-free Drugstore Alternatives to Wet n’ Wild Beauty Video

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Cruelty-free Drugstore Brands

LB – denotes Leaping Bunny Certification

Why do you doubt Wet n’ Wild?

I have reached out to Wet n’ Wild Beauty via email, Facebook messenger, Twitter, Twitter DMs, Instagram, Instagram DMs,  just about every way I can think of to try and get a response from Wet n’ Wild Beauty. Their response is silence, nothing. To me, that silence is damning.

Watsons Wet n Wild Beauty Pilot Program

I heard from Watson’s, the company that they are selling in. Watson’s claims that the pilot program is classified. I am skeptical of this claim because the only other pilot program I know of is the Leaping Bunny / Cruelty-Free International Pilot Program, which you can find several articles about in the news. That’s how you know it’s real. I have seen no evidence to support that Wet n’ Wild Beauty is part of any pilot program.

Combine the lack of evidence of a pilot program with the fact that Wet n’ Wild Beauty claimed loudly that they were cruelty-free and not selling in China for a long time. Then they decided to say, oh wait, we’re selling in China, but it’s cruelty-free. And then not provide evidence to back this up? Nope, I don’t believe them.

Trusted Cruelty-Free Resources

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  • Thank you for addressing this, I am currently searching for drugstore more cruelty free

  • I think CoverGirl has really turned it around, for me. I used to pass them up in the drugstore.

  • “The Chinese government has announced that, by 2020, long-contested laws that made animal testing compulsory will finally be lifted…” Starting Jan 1st, 2020, China will no longer require animal testing (great news!).

  • Thank you. I won’t be buying from them again. “Classified” should not be their response.

  • Not really sure the advantages. Do they really think they will make more money in China than what they can make from everyone who is cf?

  • This behavior from Wet n Wild is a real shame. It definitely reads shady…and greedy. Sleek, Revolution Beauty (formerly Makeup Revolution), J Cat, Jordana, and Profusion are other CF drug store brands I like.

  • It’s nice to see so many easily accessible alternatives. While no brand has everything I’d want, they all have a few things. I love that CG became Leaping Bunny certified.

  • Wet n Wild really screwed up by acting so shady. They had a really good thing going, too.

    I have a couple of the Pacifica facial mists. Dang, they are nice! Especially for being so affordable. I need to try more products from that line.

  • I’m so sad still about Wet n Wild but I sure do love PF and Pixi! I want to try some Covergirl soon 🙂 xo

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