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Cleopatra Makeup Tutorial from Inglot

Halloween Cleopatra Makeup tutorial

Hi there! I’m happy to share this awesome Cleopatra Makeup tutorial with you. It’s from Inglot Cosmetics. I like this one so much I will be trying to recreate it myself!

Inglot Cosmetics is cruelty free. Their products are available from,, and

Inglot Products Used

  • Freedom System Eyeshadows 338, 345, 473, 155
  • Gel Liners 77, 95
  • Blush 30
  • Pressed Powder 30
  • Lipliner 67
  • Lipstick 404

Inglot 338, 473, 345, 155

  1. Start by priming your eyes with eyeshadow primer. You know this is a must if you have oily lids. It also helps your eyeshadow to be more vibrant and last all night while you’re at that Halloween party.
  2. Apply a 155 (metallic gold) to the lid.
  3. Use 345 (matte aqua) to the crease, blending up onto the browbone.
  4. Blend 473 (turquoise shimmer) into the outer v, blending upwards.
  5. Define the crease with 338 (dark teal blue matte), blending upwards. 338 and 473 should create a gradient on top of 345.
  6. Line the upper lash line with Gel 77 (black matte), winging it out. Create a second lower wing, leaving space between the two. Make the tips of the wings meet. Fill in the center space with Gel 95 (gold)
  7. Contour the cheeks with Pressed Powder 30 (suntan gold type shade).
  8. Add a bit of Blush 30 (peachy pink matte) to the apples of your cheeks.
  9. Add mascara, or false lashes if you want extra glamour.
  10. Line your lips with Lipliner 67 (nude pink).
  11. Apply Lipstick 404 (matte nude).

 Have you ever worn a Cleopatra costume? I’ve never done it but I definitely want to do it!

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