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Amazon Prime Day Shopping

Amazon Prime Day Shopping

Amazon Prime Day Shopping

It’s time for Christmas in July, ahem, I mean Amazon Prime Day Shopping.

When Is Amazon Prime Day? 

Amazon Prime Day is July 15-16. And you can see Amazon’s Daily Deals here.

Do I Need to be a Prime Member? 

Prime Day sales are just for Amazon Prime members. But don’t worry, you can sign up for a 30 day free trial with Prime to take advantage! Shop on your desktop, mobile, tablet, etc and the Amazon App, where you can preview and watch deals you’d like to buy on Prime Day and get an alert when the item goes on sale.

Lightning Deals vs. Spotlight Deals

Since you may see Lightning Deals & Spotlight Deals thrown around on Prime Day, I thought I’d clarify the difference between the two. Lightning Deals are only for a limited time, usually a few hours, or until the product is sold out. Usually these are also limited to one per customer. Spotlight deals last either for 24 hours or the duration of Prime Day.

Other Ways to Save

  • First time Amazon App users who download and install the app will get $10 Amazon credit, and another $10 credit after you make your first purchase via the app.
  • Install Amazon Assistant on your desktop computer for $10 off your next order of $50 or more.
  • Spend $10 at Whole Foods Market from now until July 16 to get $10 on Amazon Prime Day.
  • If you have an Amazon Gift Card you can earn a $10 bonus when you reload $100 or more on the card for the first time.

Lifestyle Deals:

Beauty Deals:

You can see the Amazon Prime Day Deal of the Day for Beauty & Personal Care here.

Fashion Deals:

Let me know if you hear of any other awesome deals!

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  • I absolutely love my Instant Pot. I use it daily as well! Thanks so much for the list. I used it to buy a few things.

  • I have to admit I am pretty disappointed in the offerings this year. I got 1 item and it was $2 off the regular Prime price – baby noise canceling headphones for my 8 month old to use at a concert.

  • Every year I say I am going to save and be prepared for Prime Day and I always end up being broke when it comes around! I really want to get me a robot vacuum and this is the best time to grab one.

  • I was going to purchase some Hays Labs but I’m so disappointed that it won’t ship for a month. Thank you for putting in all the time to list so many great things to consider

  • It’s normally my husband who goes nuts on Prime Day but there’s nothing he’s buying. I’m getting a book though since there’s a code to get $5 off a book over $15. (primebook19)

  • So far I have not gotten anything in the sale, I feel like I don’t really see many benefits in it but the super BIG items, but this list has some great ones!

  • Thanks for sharing these. I can finally pop on and look around now that I’m home from work, I might pick up a couple Christmas presents for my girls!

  • What a great collection of deals! It’s a good time to stock up on some goodies that I always need, especially setting spray and brush cleanser!

  • I’m still undecided on what to get on Prime Day, it’s one of those weird occasions where I feel like I already have everything I need lol. But surely there’s something I am not thinking of that would make a great addition to my life haha! :))

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