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Adore Me Review

Recently I had the opportunity to try out Adore Me. It’s sort of a personal shopping service for lingerie and swimwear. I was skeptical initially, but I actually really like it!

I took their personal quiz.

After finishing their style quiz and putting in my measurements, they gave me several options. I selected Grace.

After wearing this on and off for 4 weeks, I like the quality and the comfort. I often find it VERY difficult to find lingerie that fits because I’m a DD.

I love that it seems like there are new styles added every week! I went back to look for something new and saw the following:

They have swimsuits! I love that hot pink! The only one I don’t like is the Sydney.

I adore the look of Cleo.

Adore Me is $39.95 per set and you can choose to buy whichever you want.
Free shipping on all orders.

I think Adore Me is a nice twist on the personal shopping experience. I like the variety of styles offered and how the quiz actually does seem to tailor offerings to my choices, though I can purchase anything from any of the collections.

Would you be interested in a site like this? Have you tried Adore Me?

Product sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.

Update 5/22/2014: Since writing this review 2 years ago, I’ve had a few people email me to say that they’ve had issues with Adore Me. I STRONGLY recommend that you read the Lingerie Addict’s Review and her interview with the company Part 1, Part 2a, 2b, and Part 3. I had 1 experience with the company in 2012. I did not have multiple experiences to share.

All opinions about a product are honest and my own. If you have any issues with a company you purchase from, I recommend you contact that company directly. If you cannot get satisfaction from the company directly, contact the Better Business Bureau and your credit card company or PayPal.

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  • you REALLY don’t want to recommend this company. They are a horrible company with bad customer service. I understand you got a “free sample” so to speak for reviewing purposes. and it is easy to be fooled- quality of the items is not bad. But they are a SCAM!! It is virtually impossible to cancel your membership – I have been battling with them since August. They tell you it’s cancelled and restart it when you place an order to use up the store credit you’ve accumulated. You get all this store credit because they will telll you it was cancelled, and then continue to charge you, and tell you they cannot refund any charges over thirty days old. They have been charging me since August and they don’t even have my billing address correct!! Their customer service is rude and terrible- not helpful at all, gets an atittude when you ned help, and you’re on hold for a long time when ou call. To make matters worse, the most recent package I ordered from them (to use up the store credit they have basically stolen off of my credit card) was carelessly left outside of my apartment in central Baltimore and stolen, and they are really dragging their feet about replacing it.
    Be careful what you recommend. Endorsing companies like this one so carelessly when all you know is that they sent you a cute cami for free is not good for your personal brand.

  • Ughhhhhhh, I wish I could wear cute lingerie. I’m a “G” and the only bra that I can find in stores that is my cup size is from Cacique (I HAVE to try bras on first so I can’t really order them online). After about a DDD the sizes aren’t standard anymore among different brands and you have to be pretty lucky to find one that fits. Bras are the bane of my existence. So I shall just gaze longingly at the pretty lingerie. 🙁 Sports bras are another matter entirely as they typically only come in sizes like small, medium, large. Something that would fit my cup size would be way too big in the band. Arg, so frustrating.

    • I agree. I don’t normally buy bras without trying them on. I can wear a DD or F in some bras. Usually if an item is stretchy it will fit, but they can be hard to find.

  • Another DD over here too! I tried the links but they weren’t working for me…but my computer doesn’t like certain sites (, I’m looking at you) so I’m assuming it’s my computer since the link didn’t work from Google either.

    • Hi Janelle,

      Have you updated your web browser recently? Maybe try updating your web browser, clearing your cache (temporary internet files) and then rebooting. Let me know if that helps?

  • lmao – I sent my husband the “ask him” request, where it says “wouldn’t you like to see me in this?” with a list of subscription choices – we’ll wait and see what he does… he is usually very hesitant on buying anything, but maybe he’ll find something like this hard to resist.

    • I’m very picky when shopping online because so many things just will NOT fit me, but they’ve got several things that I think will fit. And this one fit nicely 🙂

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