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Adopt a Pet, Save a Life!

Adopt a Pet, Save a Life!

I made a video to talk about adopting pets. Around the holidays, I know some people think it’s a good idea to give pets as a gift. While I don’t do this, I do want to educate people on why adopting from a shelter or a rescue group is a good thing. It saves lives! I also talk about the pets I’ve adopted.

Adopt a Pet, Save a Life!

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Some helpful resources

I highly recommend finding a breed rescue or shelter in your area to visit. They’ll be able to tell you the personalities and health of the animals in their care.

Please, whatever you do, do not buy a pet from a puppy mill or a pet store. Pets in pet stores come from places like puppy mills that are horrible! You can learn about puppy mills here.

If you shop Amazon a lot, which I do thanks to having Prime Membership, consider using Amazon Smile and donating to a shelter or rescue of your choice. I donate to the Florida Poodle Rescue. I also found another Poodle Rescue in my area, the Coastal Poodle Rescue. And there’s the Poodle & Pooch Rescue. I’m clearly obsessed with poodles, but if poodles aren’t your thing, I know that there are also greyhound, pug, boxer etc rescues.

You can find an amazing pet to adopt who will be thankful for you rescuing them.

Tell me about your pets! How did you end up with your pets?



  • I can definitely relate to this video. Thanks so much for raising awareness for this! I have two cats, both adopted and I love them so much. One was 3 years old when I got her, the other one was 9 years old. One of the other advantages with adapoting an (adult) cat is that they are already ‘trained’ in a lot of cases and its easier to assess whether their character fits your energy and lifestyle. My cats were litterbox trained and understood quickly what they can and can’t do. They are grateful and super sweet and are very loyal to me.

  • We didn’t get our dog from a shelter but we adopted him when a family member didn’t want him anymore. Best decision ever!

  • We adopted our lovely girl just over three years ago from the Bristol RSPCA and she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us! Lately pure breeds seem to be fashionable in Bristol so adopting a cross breed from the dog’s home isn’t very popular, which makes me sad. We will only ever adopt from shelters, we donate monthly and attend the Bristol RSPCA fundraisers and events whenever we can. Pooch love!!

  • My husband is severely allergic to pet dander of all kinds, so when we researched getting a dog, we had to go with one we knew to be on the low shed end of the spectrum, and unfortunately, we spent over a year waiting on something, anything to come available at the local Humane Society. Every dog or puppy turned in there was a hybrid of a high shedding dog, and we just could not have that in the house (and I couldn’t have an outside dog – I don’t like keeping them chained up). That’s mostly a product of the area where we live – a lot of people let their dogs run loose and breed, and then don’t take responsibility for them. It’s so sad 🙁 We had neighbors a few years ago that kept their beautiful dogs chained up outside and didn’t interact with them except to yell at them to shut up when they barked, which was all the time because they were so starved – for food and attention. I had to call the police to get the Humane Society to do anything about it… but by the time the Humane Society did anything, the people had moved. I often think about those dogs and wonder if they are still alive.

  • I’ve adopted several sickly stray cats about 10 years ago. Unfortunately, all three of them are in kitty heaven now for different reasons, but I made sure to give them as much love as I could while they were alive. Right now my husband and I live in an apartment building that only allows cats, but he’s very allergic to them, so if we do get one it will have to be a hypoallergenic kind. Honestly, if it was up to me, I’d adopt one regardless of its breed.

  • Both of my cats are rescue kitties and I couldn’t ask for more amazing furbabies. I wish I could adopt ALL of the animals!

  • This is wonderfully put together! Growing up we always had dogs and they were all adopted from a rescue, its the best way to go about getting a pet. I feel like the animal knows and loves you more for it 🙂

  • Thank you sooooo much for doing this video. I know that you know how important this topic is for me but I just can’t express enough how important it is. Education is power, people need to do research and learn that “buying” an animal is not an option.

    An animal in your care is for their entire life, they aren’t just a new couch or a soft toy that you can pass or throw away when you tire of them.

  • These are all really great points! Adoption is a great option that I don’t think enough people consider.

    • I think people just don’t know about adoption or how to find a group in their area. Hopefully this will help provide them with resources 🙂

  • I have three beautiful cats from a local no-kill shelter (Ingrid’s Haven – they take all the death row cats from the nearest pound). I adopted one in 2010 – she was about 7-8 months old – to keep my other cat company, and after the other cat died I added two kittens to the household in 2011. I’d always go for a rescue any time.

      • Of course I’d only intended to take *one* kitten, but she had made another orphaned friend who was the last of his litter (all the others had found homes) and he looked so sad when the volunteer took his little mate out of the enclosure, so … you see where I’m going with this. They must have seen me coming a mile off 🙂

  • There are some WONDERFUL animal rescue organizations out there (Best Friends Animal Society is one of my favorites), and shelter pets are fantastic. With the exception of the dogs I raised and trained as Guide Dogs for the Blind, all of my pets have been shelter adopts. Thanks for boosting awareness!

  • My current dog was about to be sent to a shelter when we found out about him. We adopted him from a family that couldn’t keep him anymore. The dog before him was let loose in a park and someone was walking around the neighborhood to find out if anyone knew about him. We agreed to take him and it was instant love.

  • We adopted our first ever pet, Belle, a beagle mix from a shelter 4 years ago. She is the most lovable, calm and well behaved dog. Thank you for the awareness! Love your blog and channel!

  • I adore my rescue baby and would absolutely adopt again. I recommend it to all my friends. Our shelter is no kill so they often get shipments of animals from high kill shelters around the country.

  • Our newest pup is a rescue pup! And when we adopted her, we donated some food, some blankets & towels and some pup toys to the shelter!

  • I have too many animals to talk about all of them. 🙂 I have two dogs, Roxy and Ariel, both mixed breeds. And quite a few cats. They are all rescues of some sort and they make me smile every day. I am grateful that you are mentioning that there are specific breed rescues as well. Some people think that all rescue animals are mixed breeds.

    • You’re welcome! I thought it was something people might not know – that you can get a purebred of just about anything through a breed rescue. I know for me, allergies are an issue, which is why I have my poodle. However, I’m also a sucker, which is why we have a pug who needed a home and we gave him one 😉

  • We adopted our loving and beautiful Pancake at Orphans of the Storm in Deerfield, Illinois 10 years ago. She’s a Jack Russell Terrier and has been my constant companion. I am grateful for her everyday.

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