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6 Must Have Palettes from Urban Decay


I’ve been asked over and over again what are my must have products from Urban Decay, so I thought I’d start first with my must have palettes.

6 Must Have Palettes by Urban Decay

1. Urban Decay the Fun Palette
2. Urban Decay The Glinda Palette
3. Urban Decay The Theodora Palette
4. Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette
5. Urban Decay Smoked Eyeshadow Palette
6. Urban Decay the 15th Anniversary Palette


The Fun Palette (see my review here)
I love this palette because it has 4 of my favorite Urban Decay colors in it – Freakshow, Deep End, Sellout and Fishnet. Sellout was one of my first Urban Decay colors because I bought it for when I needed to look polished, professional and bright eyed. Freakshow is an awesome purple and it really works with all the colors in the palette. It has 2 other neutral shades, Maui Wowie (gold), and Stray Dog (brown). With the mix of 3 neutrals and 3 brights, the color combinations can work for fun or professional settings. It’s a really well thought out palette.

The Glinda Palette (see my review here)
This palette was released in honor of the movie Oz: The Great and Powerful and represents Glinda the Good Witch. It’s got so many great colors, including Aura, which is a split shade of 2 duochrome colors. I love this shade for layering! It really is a much appreciated addition to the Urban Decay color collection. It also has a pink, peach and purple, which are lovely. I think the surprise hit in this set is South, which is a warm pale grey, almost taupe-like. Additionally, the Glinda pencil is the perfect sort of everyday my lips but better color to make you look polished.

The Theodora Palette (see my review here)
This palette has really grown on me! Initially I was meh about the browns but I really loved the greens. Now I find the colors extremely easy to work with as long as I don’t try to use too many browns at once. I was correct in assuming that it would be the more popular of the two palettes released for Oz. I even had a giveaway with this palette because so many people loved it. Spell (the black half) is one of the most unique shades from Urban Decay and I love it to pieces. It’s got a buttery smooth texture so it’s great for using it in the crease, to deepen a color, or as a liner. I can only hope that it and Aura will be added to the permanent line up. Broken, Beware, Bewitch and West are all true workhorse shades that you’ll find versatile for daily wear.

The Naked Basics Palette (see my review here)
I love this palette! It’s a matte palette that I’ve been using over and over with my bright colors to contour and highlight. I don’t own the Naked or Naked 2 palettes but I am so glad to have this one in my arsenal. For $27 for 6 full size shadows, everyone should own this. Even a professed bright eyeshadow lover as myself finds this palette handy.

The Smoked Eyeshadow Palette (see my review here)
This is a great, sultry palette. It’s got color and neutrals, so you can make any sort of colored smoky eye, in addition to the classic, that you want. This year Loaded, a deep emerald green, is a sure winner. Mushroom, Asphalt, Kinky and Freestyle are awesome, too. I always love greys.

15 Year Anniversary Palette (see my review here)
This palette has so many colors that I love! It introduced the new UD eyeshadow formula, which is buttery smooth and pigmented. I fell in love with Omen, Junkshow, Evidence, Deep End, Vanilla, and Flow. So many great shades!

These are my 6 Must Have Urban Decay Palettes. What are your must haves?


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  • I absolutely love the 15th Anniversary palette, it probably contains most of the pressed, ‘big’ brand shadows I use regularly. I depotted all four Book of Shadows palettes,  Naked 1, Smoked, Mariposa, and the Deluxe and Black palettes, so my huge hand-made (from Etsy) magnetic palette of nearly all of the UD shadows I use is a fave as well. (Plus I was able to make a nice Z-Palette full of UD for someone’s birthday with the shades I had doubles/triples/quadruples of!)
    I was wondering, is there any particular reason you left the Vice palette off of the list? I’ve been wanting it since it came out, because it’s a UD palette, but haven’t bought it because I don’t think I need it. Do you feel it’s just not unique? That other shades in other palettes make it unnecessary?  Or that other companies have better/cheaper versions of the shades you like?

  • This is a great idea for a post. I’m definitely going to get the Naked Basics palette one day. I simply have to finish some of my nude eyeshadows first. Gahhhhh… why am I being “responsible”?

  • The 15th Anniversary palette is probably my fave, I really like the mix of bright and neutral shades! That one and the Naked palettes are always within reach on my vanity table. I don’t think I can choose between the first and second Naked palette, they both have very useful shades in them.

  • I agree with your thoughts on the Basics palette.  It’s good to have some everyday neutrals and this certainly fits the bill for a reasonable price.

  • I’m so glad I bought the 15th Anniversary palette.  It’s amazing.  I really want the Smoked palette; I feel like that’s what the Black palette should have been.

  • I only have Smoked and Naked Basics. I have a palette I made myself and some of the older palettes plus the Nakeds.

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