About Alexami

Every Alexami product contains 100% of the highest quality organic ingredients and pigments. We don’t believe in cheap fillers and never compromise on quality over costs. We are committed to protecting the environment and use recyclable packaging where possible. We do NOT test on animals and never will. Alexami invests in the best scientific research to bring you innovative products and the latest in colour palette trends. Alexami is a Compact Signer for The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Alexami is a proudly owned Australian beauty company dedicated to creating natural organic skincare and cosmetic products using active botanical ingredients and minerals. Our mission is to create beauty products that are as safe for you on the inside as they are to your skin on the outside.

The average woman ingests around 2 kilograms of chemicals via her skin each year from cosmetics like makeup, skin care lotions, and hair products? This is because humans absorb up to 60% of the substances applied to our skin.

Looking good doesn’t mean compromising your health or the state of the world we live in, which is why we create beauty products free from harsh chemicals, which are not tested on animals, are socially responsible and kind to both your body and our planet.

We invest in the best research and development of active botanical ingredients and naturally occurring minerals to find the most innovative and natural formulations that work hard to enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Quality ingredients combined with fashion forward colour palettes, deliver a flawless finish every time, while also being suitable for people with sensitive skin or conditions like acne, eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea.