AG Hair

About AG Hair

At AG Hair we pride ourselves on our meticulous selection of natural ingredients, ensuring they are gentle on hair but that they also deliver results. If we don’t believe in the integrity of the ingredient, simply put, we won’t use it. Which is why we leave out common ingredients like salt, paba, parabens and DEA.

We don’t think of beauty in the traditional sense. It’s more than how you look. At AG we’re most inspired by simplicity and confidence. While we look to magazines and runway shows for hair trends, it’s the girl reading the magazine that we are drawn to and the effortless style we see on the street outside the show that truly fascinates us.

By choosing simple natural ingredients that work – we’re giving you the results to be confident about your hair and ultimately yourself.

At AG we continuously research and use ingredients in our product line which are both sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. We have, over the last 25 years, replaced many ingredients in our products as we have discovered better, milder or more natural alternatives. Many of the ingredients we currently use are naturally derived and over 95% of the ingredients in our product line are either bio or photo degradable. At AG, 100% natural and sustainably sourced ingredients is our priority as we continuously strive to improve our products and introduce new ones to our line.

Yes, AG products are completely gluten-free. Having said this, we strongly suggest that individuals diagnosed with Celiac Disease or who have any concerns whatsoever to consult with their physician prior to using any cosmetic product.

You may notice some of our products contain ingredients such as wheat and oat protein. Through a process called hydrolysis, we extract the amino acids from these proteins. Once they have been extracted, based on FDA and International standards, they are considered gluten-free.

No, none of our products are tested on animals, and in-fact, we are a PETA-approved company. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Since 1989, AG Hair has proudly formulated all products without testing on animals. We make it part of our mission to deliver products that are not only cruelty-free, but are certified PETA approved. All AG products are developed following meticulous selection of the highest quality ingredients, free of SALT, PABA, PARABENS, DEA and GLUTEN. Most of our products are considered vegan friendly, including:

Spray Body , Foam , Plastique , Waxx , Infrastructure, Hard Jel, Mousse Gel, Set it Straight, Aerodynamics, Ultradynamics, Root Thikkening Serum, Thikkening Lotion, Firewall, Balance , Boost, Cloud , Dry Lift , Glow , Remedy , and Rosehip Balm .

Products that contain lanolin and keratin may include by-products of sheep’s wool. Be assured that protein has been extracted from the wool after the shearing process, causing absolutely no harm to the animals.