7 Virtues

About 7 Virtues

Our founder Barb Stegemann was a journalist who never set out to make perfume. When her best friend was wounded on his mission to liberate women and girls in Afghanistan, she took on his mission of peace while he healed. Sourcing legal orange blossom and rose essential oil crops freed Afghan farmers from the illegal poppy crop and liberated their daughters from becoming young opium brides. She’s taken her philosophy of equality and empowerment around the world to Haiti, Rwanda, The Middle East, India, and Madagascar. Because it’s the right thing to do.

Are your peace perfumes vegan?

Yes. We have been creating vegan scents since 2010. Our botanical based scents do not use any animal products.

Do you test on animals?

We love our pets. We do not test on animals. We prefer to test on our family and friends. In fact, our founder is working with Human Rights International to get Bill s-214 passed in the Canadian Senate to ban all cosmetic testing. Please call your Senator and tell them you support Bill S-214. There is absolutely no need to test on animals.

Is your packaging recycled?

FSC® Certified, ensuring all neenah® folding board papers meet the mark of responsible forestry.
• Green-e Certified, ensuring all neenah® folding board papers are made with 100% renewable green electricity.
• All 100% post consumer colors are Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)