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Meow Dance of Death and Friday the 13th Eyeshadows

So now that I’ve had a good chance to play with the Meow Halloween 2009 collection, the Dance of Death colors, as well as the Friday the 13th collection, I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

My Dance of Death Favorites:
See the Dance of Death Swatches and Video here.

Warlock – Black with blue sparkle – my absolute hands down favorite so gorgeous! If you only buy one color from this collection, get this one. it’s similar to MAC Mineralize eye shadow in Blue Flame
Necromancer – black with purple/pink sparkle – second favorite, it’s similar to MAC Mineralize eye shadow in Young Punk
Asylum – rich teal with blue and green sparkle – I’m in love with teals
Eerie – bright purple with blue sparkle – this is a really gorgeous purple
Tombstone – grey silver shade – great crease color, works well with all of the colors in this collection
Spellbinding – white iridescent shade – works well as a highlighter, to blend all colors, ultra flattering
Grave Robber – navy blue with bright blue – lovely liner or crease shade
Witch – black with green – I’m not normally a forest green person but this was an amazing shade to me, makes me want to wear it more often
Vampire – reddish purple – This was a satiny reddish purple shade, really luminous and pretty

My Friday the 13th Favorites:

(Note: I LOVE duochromes) See the Friday the 13th Swatches and Video here.
Skeptic – perwinkle with copper/pink – I LOVE this shade, its blue, it’s violet, it’s periwinkle and it brightens my eyes with the pink/copper
Spell – cerulean blue with aqua glow – completely flattering and brightening light blue
Bad Luck – golden toffee with orange – I love this one because of the description, and it brightens up the eyes, too
Supernatural – celadon green with orange/pink – comes off as a more golden type color when on my lids, really pretty
Paranormal – green blue – it’s a very forest green with some blue and really pretty
Accident – dark copper with a bit of gold – this is a great crease or liner color
Fate – deep blue with aqua – love this as a crease color especially when paired with Spell
Broken Mirror – silver with green – lovely on the lid or crease

All of the Friday the 13th duochromes seem to brighten up the eye area with their finish, they’re really pretty and interesting to look at, yet they’re not overpowering. What I think really draws me to duochromes is that you can wear a duochrome on your entire lid and it will still have variation in shade that gives it depth as you look at it, which makes it interesting.

I really need to swatch Nabau, Fate and Grave Robber, as they’re all three dark beautiful blues, and I feel like I need all three of them 🙂

I love love LOVE the black shades with sparkles, like Warlock, Necromancer and Witch. Shades like this just amaze me! They’re so much fun.

Tell me, which colors do you like the best?
Do you like duochromes?
What colors have you purchased?
What colors do you want?

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