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Meow Lost Rainforest Swatches

Recently I placed an order to Meow for a large Pampered Puss foundation, as well as some samples of the new colors from the Lost Rainforest collection. Meow was kind enough to send me samples of the Lost Rainforest that I didn’t have. So I’ve swatched them here. You can see the original Lost Rainforest collection here.

The colors I love are:
Monsoon, Lost, Tropical, Anana, and Phantoma

Row 1 monsoon – lost – tropical – anana blush – ginger torch blush – forest flame blush
Row 2 kinkajou – jambu fruit dove – phantoma glow

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    • I can’t wait to see what Phantoma does as a highlighter/blush on you. Bet it’s lovely.

  • Great swatches! I ordered a few samples from this collection too… I love Ginger Torch blush, but found Forest Flame to be a bit light on me (despite the fact that Forest Flame looks darker than Ginger Torch in your swatches!) My favorite eyeshadows of the ones I tried are not shown here… Siren (mid-tone pink-purple with lots of gold sparkle) and Mantis (a bit different than my usual colors but very fun!)

  • I *love* phantoma too – such a beautiful color!! I am really curious as to how it translates on the face, however. (At least I though glows were for an all-over wash of color/finishing effect…maybe you are only supposed to use it in targeted areas? How do you use it?) It seems fairly strongly yellow-pigmented and I would be a little afraid it would give too yellow a cast to the face – especially since I am pretty fair and have noticeable yellowy undertones anyway. But it is just SOO gorgeous! Maybe only use it on pinker (nose) or bluer (around eyes) areas to correct skin tone, or does it just brighten without “yellowing” too much. (Sorry so long, but this question actually applies to a lot of the glows, and I have been wondering about it. I am not sure I really understand them!) Thanks again for the swatches!

    • I loaded it onto primer like an eye shadow, so I’m not sure how it looks when it’s diffused. I’ll have to see. Likely it will work as a cheek highlighter.

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