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Emilie Autumn Concert in Atlanta 2009

Ray and I went to the Emilie Autumn Concert at the Atlanta Masquerade with Kristen and Steve. It was an AMAZING time! Emilie put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen (the only 2 possible better shows would be a Voltaire show with his complete band or Peter Murphy). The venue size was small, so it didn’t get too loud for my taste and it really felt like a nice intimiate show.

I tried taking several pictures, but most didn’t turn out. I also took a few videos which I will edit and upload soon.

Emilie Autumn & her Crumpets…. Naughty Veronica, Emilie, Captain Maggot, Blessed Contessa and Aprella

Emilie with her violin

Me with Kristen

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Pigment in Fairylite – all over eye area
MAC Greasepaint Stick in Black – on lid, into crease, outer tail, lower lash line
Aromaleigh Bete Noire Glitter in Delilah – inner 1/2 of lid
Aromaleigh Bete Noire Glitter in Mata Hari – outer 1/2 of lid
Aromaleigh Morphing Moon – inner 1/2 of lid
Aromaleigh Ephemeral Violet – outer 1/2 of lid
Ardell Lashes

Aromaleigh Glissade in 1CL

Aromaleigh Minty Cocoa Chip Lip Balm
Too Faced Borderline Lip Liner in Clear
Morgana Lipstick in Nightshade – to line lips, blended inward
Morgana Lipstick in Ice Queen – inner lips

Color Club Milky White Base Coat
Thumb, Middle, Pinky – 2 coats of Color Club Electronica
Ring, Pointer – 2 coats of Urban Decay White Widow
– 1 coat China Glaze Glacier
China Glaze Fast Forward Top coat
My toes match the Thumb, Middle, Pinky.

From The Collar Factory
Teal collar with opal gems

I felt a bit ill towards the end of the show, probably from dinner, but I didn’t let that stop my good time.
Hope you like the pix!

You can see more at Kristen’s Flickr. I sent her all the pix of the ones that I took:

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