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Conflicting Information on Orglamix

Recently I was contacted by Cheri Tracy of Orglamix, who asked me to review her makeup. I had several questions for Cheri, and I received a lot of conflicting and confusing information from Cheri about her companies Orglamix and Urban Apothecary.

I had originally purchased products from Cheri Tracy through Etsy on August 7, 2009. I spent $17.35 with her total. I did not like the Orglamix eye shadows of hers that I tried, which included:
Brimstone, Bermuda, Absinthe, and Heliotrope. I received ‘freebies’ of Slate and Moss. I did not receive Fog, which I had ordered. I contacted Cheri to get Fog, and she told me she was on vacation, so she’d have to ship it once she got back. She then sent Fog and another Heliotrope. I did not like them because to my eyes they seemed to be nothing special or unique.

Cheri told me she owned Orglamix and Urban Apothecary and a few other companies. I don’t understand why she’d own a bunch of different companies that all sold the same products.

It is my personal OPINION that I wasted my money and that these are not products I like. I will not buy from Orglamix again. I will not recommend Orglamix or Urban Apothecary. I do not like what I purchased and used.

Please note, these are my personal opinions and observations based on my experiences with these products, my research and my communication with Cheri Tracy and are not to be construed as definitive facts.

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  • What pisses me off more than her re-packaged micas is that she claims SPF in her foundation! There are ZERO SPF ingredients in her foundations. She needs to be reported to the FDA. That is outright dangerous.
    Here’s her ingredients:
    Ingredients: Mica, Sericite, Black Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Yellow Iron Oxide

    Where’s the sunscreen?

    • I’m unhappy about claims like that as well.
      I’ve mentioned in a few of my blog entries that if a company makes a claim like that, steer clear of them because only large companies can afford SPF testing.

  • Hi Makeup Diva,
    There was a line that Orglamix called Le Mystere, which Etsy removed, and she put it back up as Potion, under the brushes.

    Hi Melissa,
    I agree with you completely! I feel people should make their own products and come up with their own ideas, their own products, etc.

  • Just my 2 cents on this as a business owner…I don't know anything about Orglamix and my post has nothing to do with them specifially. From speaking with my friends in the biz, I do know there have been lots of issues with etsy sellers and new mmu companies using pics and recipes that are not theirs. Some mmu company owners create recipes and share them with others for personal use, but not intending them to be outright copied and sold without credit to the formula maker. I even reported an ebay seller who was blatantly copying everything. Some people tend to be extremely lazy and steal pics and copy formulas. What I don't understand is that in a business such as mmu, which is extremely competitive – why would you do this? Be original! Part of the fun is making your own stuff and the satisfaction creating a unique color or product. And, people are going to notice you are a thief and that causes distrust and embarrassment. Who wants that?

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