• Wearing Performance Colors Snowie

Performance Colors Oilslick Look

Sunday I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with 8 of my favorite people. It was awesome. I laughed a ton throughout the movie and really enjoyed it. It started off rough for me though. I didn't expect the somber start and that made me cry (Trying not to spoil it for anyone). Anyway, [...]

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  • Sephora Friends & Family Sale 2013

Sephora VIB Friends & Family Sale 2013

I Bought This | Press Sample Affiliate Links Sephora has provided VIBs & VIB Rouge with a 20% off code of VIBTOPIA which is good from Nov. 7 through Nov. 11, 2013. Many of you have emailed me to ask what you should pick up during the sale. So I'm going to give you [...]

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Dirty Sexy Golds

I love gold eye shadow. Not fond of gold jewelry, per se, but gold eye shadow is fantabulous. Today I used three of my favorite gold eye shadows. BftE Salted Caramel (I believe this will be for sale on the BftE site on Friday) on the lid and lower lash line. I used Fyrinnae Shenanigans in the crease, outer v and outer lower lash line. I used Fyrinnae Book of the Dead at the inner upper crease. I used TheBalm No Money, No Honey as the highlight shade. My 5 all time favorite gold shades are: Meow Santa Honey, BftE Salted Caramel, Fyrinnae Book of the Dead, Fyrinnae Shenanigans and Urban Decay Midnight Cowgirl. They’re all different gold shades, but each awesome in their own way. I feel like they do an excellent job of enhancing my eye color, rather than competing with it. That’s probably why I adore them. I broke out my Meow Pampered Puss foundation in Inquisitive Siamese for today’s look. I did mix in a little bit of Joppa Minerals Morning Dew foundation in Citrine to add a slightly golden glow to my skin. TheBalm’s Hot Mama blush worked pretty well with this look. I recently picked up Revlon’s Tutti Frutti, which is an orange-leaning coral. I like the color a lot. If you’re afraid of orange, this is the shade to use to break you in to wearing oranges. […]

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TheBalm on Hautelook

Hey everyone! You know I love to shop Hautelook (affiliate link). Guess who will be on Hautelook tomorrow morning? TheBalm! (Check out my ShadyLady Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 Comparison) I'm not sure what will be available, but I'll definitely be checking it out. Here's a little more about TheBalm, which I didn't know until [...]

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  • shady_sw

theBalm Shady Lady Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 Comparison

I did this comparison quite a while ago, not too long after I got my new camera. I got the bright idea of swatching both of theBalm Shady Lady palettes 1 and 2 together. I’ve labeled all the colors 1 and 2 to go along with the swatches. […]

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  • jetta_closed

Lit from Within

The products used in this look all have one thing in common to me… they have a lit from within glow about them. The eye shadow I used in this look is TheBalm’s Jet-Setting Jennifer, which is a pale gold that I think really glows. Evil Shades Heartstopper is a metallic hot pink, which I love. MAC Trace Gold blush gives me a bit of a healthy glow to my cheeks. […]

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  • hon_down

Honeyed Absinthe

I wore this look one day last week and really liked it, though I can see several things I’d change about it if I did it again. One, I’d blend the outer crease more. two, I’d put a different shade, perhaps a deeper green like Fyrinnae Dragon’s Wing at the outer corner of the lid and outer v area, just to sort of transition better between Sugarpill Absinthe and Meow Santa Honey. I really love how Evil Shades Power Up looks on the lips! Also, TheBalm’s Hot Mama is a nice blush shade for me, I think. […]

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