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My Big Eye Shadow Primer Comparison V2.0

This is my Second Big Eyeshadow Primer Comparison. I’ve done a newer version, the battle of the Best Eyeshadow Primers here.

This post has been a long time in the making! In the original primer comparison I did back in November 2009, I compared 7 primers. In this one, I’ve done 10. Overall, let me preface this with these are all primers I think people love to use. (If you’re looking for my Shadow Transformation Comparison, aka Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy vs. Sobe Botanicals Stick It vs. Hi-Fi High Impact vs. Medusa’s Makeup the Fix, it’s here.)

The 4 eye shadow colors chosen for this comparison are:

MAC Satellite Dreams – deep dirty plum with violet/blue reflects (veluxe pearl)
Meow Sexy Time – luscious sinful brilliant lime with teal sparkle
Fyrinnae Rapunzel Had Extensions – stunning golden pink peach
Aromaleigh Late for Work – vivid deep cornflower blue luster with sparkles of blue and green

I applied all primers with my finger.
I applied all eye shadows with ecoTools shader brushes (small brushes).

Most Intense Primers:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Sobe Botanicals, Detrivore, Concrete, UDPP Original

Least Intense Primers:
MAC Bare Study, Aromaleigh Eye & Lip. These can dull the color a bit, make them less vibrant.

Most Matte Primer:
This one can sometimes also change the color of your shadows a bit.

Most Shimmery Primer:
Surprisingly, colors are still pretty vibrant – and extra shimmery – with this one. I think it looks pretty!

Primers that dull color:
MAC Bare Study, Aromaleigh Eye & Lip

Primers that NEVER Crease on me:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Bare Study, Eye & Lip, UDPP Eden, Concrete Minerals, Sobe Botanicals. With Detrivore and Aromaleigh Light, unless I apply very carefully, they will crease a bit, but they are REALLY vibrant. I always use Aromaleigh Light for my product swatches, and I like to use Detrivore primer along my lower lash line.

Pricing and Size:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance – $17.00 for .35 oz of product
Detrivore Primer – $6.00 for 5 gm net weight (might be .17 oz)
(Aromaleigh) Light Primer – $9.50 for 5 gm net weight (maybe .17 oz)
Aromaleigh Eye & Lip Primer – $10.00 for 3 gm net wet (maybe .11 oz)
MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study – $16.50 of .17 oz of product (in 5g jar)
UDPP Original – $16.00 for .34 oz of product
UDPP Sin – $18 for .34 oz of product
UDPP Eden – $18 for .34 oz of product
Concrete Minerals – $8.99 for .35 oz of product
Sobe Botanicals Primed & Proper – $11 for .5 oz of product

A Guy’s Opinion on the swatches:
Dave’s opinion on which rows looked the best were Detrivore, Concrete Minerals, Sobe Botancials and Too Faced Shadow Insurance

My Favorites of the swatches:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Detrivore, Concrete Minerals, Sobe Botanicals, UDPP Sin

My Favorite Primer:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Since I can use it even when I’m in a rush and never worry about it creasing, and I love the packaging, this one is my personal favorite.

Best Containers:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Detrivore, Concrete Minerals, Sobe Botanicals, Bare Study, Eye & Lip, Light Primer

Worst Containers:
UDPP Original, UDPP Eden, UDPP Sin
Sorry, but I HATE the UDPP design. It sucks. I’m not looking forward to sawing any of these open.

The Primers I would recommend:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Detrivore, Concrete Minerals, Sobe Botanicals, Aromaleigh Light Primer, UDPP Eden.
Even though Eden has a crappy container, I like its mattifying action. I feel sooo bad about recommending it because of the container shape!

So tell me, what is your favorite primer? Have you tried the primers here?
Are there any primers you think I should try?

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