• peacock_blurred

Peacock Inspired Mani

So I saw this lovely manicure and it inspired me to try a peacock inspired manicure, only I went more golden green than teal green. […]

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  • fireworks1

Happy 4th of July

If you celebrate the 4th of July, have a happy and safe day. I did a little mani to celebrate. I was trying for fireworks. […]

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  • orly_royal_navy

Royal Princess

My manicure for the weekend was kind of simplistic after doing 2 different  but similar sets of skittles nails. I’m rather irked that I thought I took pictures of the second skittles but can’t find them. I did take pictures of the first. Regardless, here’s the current mani I’m wearing. […]

June 25th, 2012|Categories: Nails, Uncategorized|Tags: , |3 Comments
  • blue_ombre

Blue Ombre Mani

I decided to play around and make my own blue ombre mani. My right hand turned out better than my left hand, surprisingly (because I’m right handed), so I tried taking pix with my left hand. Big mistake! Anyway, here are the polishes I used! […]

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  • Screenshot_23

La Bella Vita with Dawn Catherine

At midnight this morning Kimberly (Libby's Pink Vanity) and I were guests on Live La Bella Vita with Dawn Catherine on Toginet. You can get the podcast here (date 7th of June 2012). Products I mentioned: 1. Rock Your Hair Bombshell & Michael O'Rourke edgy Pixie. In addition to cutting my hair, they cut Cristina [...]

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  • 6orly_polishes

Orly Flash Glam FX Nail Polishes Swatches & Review

One of the coolest new lines that I got to see on Sunday was the Orly Flash Glam FX Nail polishes! These are meant for layering. Orly suggests black, but you could really do it with any color. […]

June 6th, 2012|Categories: Nails, Reviews, Uncategorized|Tags: , |26 Comments
  • blackout_silver

Cult Nails Blackout

Since Ray likes it when my nails are black, this weekend I painted my tips with Cult Nails Blackout. I added a top of Orly Prisma Gloss in Silver on top for a black scattered holographic effect that turned out really nice. I wish I'd gotten a better picture but the nails were super shiny. [...]

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