• Halloween and Fall Round Up

Halloween and Fall Round Up

I wanted to do a quick Halloween and Fall Round up of all the Halloween and Fall collections I've reviewed so far. I've still got several more to get through and share with you from Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, Makeup Geek, Hello Waffle, and Notoriously Morbid. Halloween Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands Palette A palette of cool toned and warm [...]

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  • Halloween Snow Fright Tutorial

Halloween Snow Fright Tutorial

On the eve of All Hallows' Eve I have a Halloween Snow Fright tutorial to share with you. I've wanted to do a gothic Snow White all year. While I love my eyeshadow, I'm not fully happy with my lashes or my outfit. I had an allergic reaction to the costume I wore (even though [...]

  • Easy Demoness Look

Easy Demoness Look

I was feeling a little better today after hitting the gym so I put together an easy Demoness look. The key to this look is really having the cute little clip-in horns. I got them at some Party store a few years ago and I've worn them countless times on and off over the past [...]

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  • Halloween Witch's Brew Tutorial

Halloween Witch’s Brew Tutorial

Today I've got an easy Halloween Witch's Brew Tutorial to share with you. I created this tutorial on behalf of Humane Society International. I wanted to show you that you can be scary (or sweet) with cruelty free cosmetics! Check out the Be Cruelty Free campaign to end animal testing for cosmetics globally at HSI.org. [...]

  • Favorite Halloween Beauty

Favorite Halloween Beauty

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Today the Beauty Top Tens beauty bloggers are sharing their favorite Halloween beauty items. Halloween releases are always my favorite of the holiday collections. I love all the cute collections people come up with for this time of year. 1. Gothic Lolita - RockStar Wigs I adore wigs [...]

  • Darling Girl Who You Gonna Call? Collection Review, Video, Swatches

Darling Girl Who You Gonna Call Review

I'm excited to share with you the Darling Girl Who You Gonna Call? Halloween collection. This collection is inspired by Ghostbusters, one of my favorite films as a kid. This may have been the film that sparked my love of paranormal / urban fantasy. Darling Girl is cruelty free. Availability Darling Girl Cosmetics Price $5.90 full size [...]

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  • Pretty and Polished Halloween Collection

Pretty & Polished Halloween Collection

Today I've got the Pretty and Polished Halloween collection to show you! It's made up of 3 shades. One is a gorgeous glitter, one is a fun heat changing polish and the third is a brightly colored glitter topcoat. Pretty & Polished is cruelty free. Availability Pretty & Polished Price $8.50 to $9 If you [...]

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