• Play as Princess Zelda and Recue Link

Love Zelda and Link?

Someone very awesome hacked the Legend of Zelda game (one of my favorite classic Nintendo games) to allow you to play as Princess Zelda and rescue Link. image & story credit So cool! So glad I saw this. I loved playing RPGS growing up, and I still play them as an adult, though [...]

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Tera – Open Beta

This weekend I had the opportunity to play in the Tera MMO Open Beta. I’ve been playing SWTOR very casually, like, once or twice a month, so when one of my oldest and dearest friends spoke to me about Tera and showed me how he’d recreated me as a high elf in the game, it piqued my interest. (Fair warning, I don’t run max graphics settings on my machine since it’s a laptop and I really don’t want to fry it.) Ray and I downloaded and played Tera this weekend. It was actually a refreshing change from all previous MMOs that I’ve played. It combines so many elements of so many different games that it’s sure to have mass appeal. To begin with, the characters are lovely. They make me think of a lot of the Korean MMOs that I’ve seen but never really been able to play. I feel like I see elements of Lineage II and Final Fantasy in the art. […]

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Why Bioware Enforces They Deserve My Money (Again)

As you probably remember, I applauded BioWare for making Dragon Age 2 enjoyable by gay, bisexual or straight gamers. I also cheered them on for allowing same-sex romances in addition to opposite sex romances in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Now that Mass Effect 3 has been released, I'm happy to see that it is [...]

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The NPC Romance Project

Like romance in your video games? I know you've heard me discuss romance in BioWare games (Why BioWare Enforces They Deserve My Money and BioWare Stands Tall), so please take part in this awesome survey, the NPC Romance Project. The author of it is trying to help shape the future of video games. She's a [...]

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Portal 2 Review

Today’s Guest Post is by my dear friend Ana of Lipsticks & Lightsabers. [Her blog is still on hiatus, but it will be back eventually!] **Also, please do not post spoilers in the comments of this review, per Ana’s request. Portal began as an innocuous little puzzle game included as a bonus inside The Orange Box compilation. Originally intended as a humorous extra thrown in with the popular Half-Life 2 and Team Fortress 2, Portal’s success was unexpected and unprecedented. Despite being short and simple, the gameplay was original, challenging and fun, (helped in no small part by Valve’s much-praised physics engine) but it was the combination of original gameplay, unique, darkly comic story together with one of the wittiest scripts in any game to date that made Portal so overwhelmingly popular. […]

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Why Bioware Enforces They Deserve My Money

I don’t write often enough about games on my blog. However, I wanted to share something cool about a game company, Bioware. Recently they released a game called Dragon Age 2. This game has been played non-stop by Ray and Dave since it came out, and I’ve been watching it. It’s an awesome RPG. You get to choose to be a mage, warrior or rogue and the game changes depending on every decision you make. The non-linear story is very in-depth and allows for a different experience each time you play through it, depending upon the companions you choose to have with you. Additionally, your companions in the game flirt with you and you can choose to flirt or not flirt back. The gender of the companion doesn’t matter; they’re all bisexual. On the Bioware forums, a player complained (this is the forum thread the complaint and the response came from) that Bioware neglected their main demographic, the straight male gamer, by having the straight male gamer have to ‘put up with’ men hitting on their character in addition to women. […]

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A Few of My Favorite Games

I wanted to tell you all about some of my favorite games for console systems, as well as MMOs. Monster Rancher My first favorite games series is Monster Rancher, which was made by Techmo and released on the original PlayStation. It’s a life simulation game. You basically raise, breed and battle monsters. You got different monsters from different cds (music and games) and there were special monsters available. I actually went out and bought Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ cd to get a special Pixie Monster. In the original game, you’re a monster breeder and you want to raise a monster who can win all of the monster fight tournaments. You have an assistant named Holly. […]

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