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My Lipstick swatches

So I decided to swatch just about all of my lipsticks for you. I’m sure there are some stragglers hiding in purses, but this is the majority of my collection. It’s currently organized in a 3 compartment divider thingie (technical term) that I purchased at Target. This fits on the shelf of my vanity. (Check out my new 2013 Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Collection!)

Phyrra's Lipstick Collection 2011

MAC, Urban Decay, Silk Naturals Lipstick Swatches

MAC Myth – Silk Naturals XXX – Revlon Nude Attitude – MAC Shy Girl – Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy
Urban Decay Naked – MAC Bare – Silk Naturals Prelude – Silk Naturals Sparkle

In this group my favorites are Silk Naturals XXX, MAC Shy Girl and Urban Decay Naked.

Best Bright Hot Pink Lipstick Swatches

Urban Decay Trainwreck – Urban Decay Jilted – MAC Show Orchid – MAC Girl About Town – Silk Naturals Hibiscus
Nyx Hot Pink – Morgana Azalea – Morgana Azalea Blue – MAC Fusion Pink = Silk Naturals Azalea
Nyx Chloe – Morgana Blue Roses – MAC Pink Burst – Evil Shades Stiletto – Revlon Pink Velvet

My favorites from these are:
Morgana Azalea Blue, Urban Decay Trainwrecked, Urban Decay Jilted, MAC Show Orchid, MAC Girl About Town, MAC Fusion Pink

Silk Naturals Mango – MAC Ardour – Morgana Shrieking Orange – Evil Shades Ardour – Urban Decay 5150
MAC Vegas Volt – Revlon Strawberry Suede – Revlon Pink About It – Maybelline Peachy Scene – Revlon Peach
Revlon Apricot Fantasy – Maybelline Coral Crush – Maybelline Pink Peony – MAC Sweet Ever After – Nyx Atlas

My favorites are:
Morgana Shrieking Orange, Urban Decay 5150, Revlon Strawberry Suede, Revlon Pink About It, Maybelline Coral Crush

Evil Shades Zirna – Evil Shades Fiendish – Morgana Sub-Zero – Morgana Ice Queen – Morgana Turquoise
Nyx Orchid – MAC Violetta – Maybelline Madison Mauve – Nyx Medusa – Morgana Nightshade
Morgana Coraline’s Kiss – Stargazer 102 – Avon Beach Plum – Nyx Pandora – Nyx Fusion

Best Blue and Purple Lipsticks

My favorites are:
Evil Shades Fiendish, Morgana Sub-Zero, MAC Violetta, Maybelline Madison Mauve, Nyx Medusa, Morgana Nightshade, Morgana Coraline’s Kiss, Nyx Pandora

Best Red Lipsticks

MAC Urgent – MAC So Scarlet – MAC New York Apple – MAC Fresh Moroccan – MAC Hot Tahiti – MAC Odyssey
MAC London Life – MAC Sweet Thing – MAC Naughty You – MAC Snob – MAC Pervette – MAC Miss Moffit
Urban Decay Gash – Urban Decay Oilslick – Nyx Helio – Revlon Cherries in the Snow – MAybelline Very Cherry – Maybelline Red Revival
Avon 24K Gold – Avon Golden Wine – Revlon In the Red – Revlon Really Red – Nyx Eros – Nyx Snow White

My Favorites:
MAC So Scarlet, MAC Hot Tahiti, MAC Sweet Thing, Revlon Cherries in the Snow, Avon 24k Gold, Avon Golden Wine

Evil Shades Primrose Path – Nyx Louisiana – Nyx Peach – Avon Copper Mink – Avon Golden Glow – GeoGrafx Fire Poppy
Silk Naturals Simmer – Silk Naturals Sultry – Silk Naturals Nectar – Silk Naturals Symphony – Silk Naturals Raisin – Silk Naturals Black Dahlia – Silk Naturals Crimson
Evil Shades Diabolical – Mark Whiney – Revlon Pink Pout – Nyx Paris – Evil Shades Reign – Evil Shades Bane – MAC Bing
Revlon Fabulous Fig – Revlon Wine Not – MAC Midnigt Media – Morgana Cauldron – Morgana Valentine – Morgana Metallic Maiden – Morgana Red Licorice – GeoGrafx Rosegold Glow

My Favorites:
Silk Naturals Crimson, Revlon Pink Pout, Evil Shades Bane, MAC Bing, Morgana Cauldron, Morgana Valentine, Morgana Metallic Maiden

See any colors you like? Think there are any colors that I’m missing I should check out?


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