• How I Organized and Decluttered My Handbag Collection

How I Organized and Decluttered My Handbag Collection

I received a blogger discount on the Gunas Madison. Everything else purchased by me or gift from family. Today I'm sharing my video on how I organized and decluttered my handbag collection. I went through every single bag in my closet. In this video I tell you whether it's staying or going. By the end [...]

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  • Gunas Rockstar Handbag

Gunas Rockstar Handbag

Purchased by me. I love a good sale. Today I'm sharing my Gunas Rockstar Handbag with you. I bought this vegan bag because it was on major sale from the Gunas website. It was originally $325, marked down to $75, so I decided it must be mine! It comes in 4 colors - black (shown), white, brown [...]

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  • Animal Friendly Eco Friendly Vegan Handbags

Animal Friendly Eco Friendly Vegan Handbags

All handbags purchased by me. I received a blogger discount on the Gunas handbag. Today I'm sharing a video about animal friendly eco friendly vegan handbags. As you know, I've been cruelty free with beauty since 2012. I started becoming aware of more animal friendly handbags around then too. Recently, thanks to my new sister-in-law [...]

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  • A England Whispering Waves Nail Polish

A-England Whispering Waves

Purchased by me. Happy Teal Thursday! I haven't done one in a while so today I present you with A-England Whispering Waves. This is a stunning bright turquoise blue holographic nail polish that has hints of gold, purple and pink shimmer. The pink-violet is very visible and the color is super rich. I'm actually only wearing one [...]

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  • Christa's Handbag Collection

Christa’s Handbag Collection

The Beauty Spotlight Team is sharing Christa's Handbag Collection this week! Christa from Perilously Pale has an obsession for more than just makeup. Her other guilty pleasure is her budding handbag collection. Her love of colour isn't reserved just for her beauty products.

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  • Bunny Paige Pavèd Heart Necklaces

Bunny Paige Pavèd Heart Necklaces

Happy Teal Thursday! Today I'm sharing all of my Bunny Paige pavèd heart necklaces with you. These are handcrafted resin hearts made with hand-set swarovski crystals in a variety of colors. Some are spiked. I personally love both styles since I really love the heart and spiked heart motif. I own quite a few of them! This [...]

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  • Necromancy Cosmetica Necromantia Lipstick

Necromancy Cosmetica Necromantia Lipstick

Happy Teal Thursday! I have found my PERFECT dark teal blue lipstick - Necromancy Cosmetica Necromantia Lipstick. It's an ultra matte dark teal blue metallic lipstick. I tried experimenting with the lighting for the headshots in this post. It was too dark so I had to manually correct them. The lighting for the close up lip [...]