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Top 10 Youtuber Camera Equipment on Amazon

Top 10 Youtuber Camera Equipment on Amazon. I've been blogging for the past 9 years and I've bought almost everything that I use from Amazon. These are all the products that I pesonally use for Youtube and blogging right now.

Top 10 Youtuber Camera Equipment on Amazon

I get asked about photography equipment a lot, so today I’m sharing my top 10 Youtuber camera equipment on Amazon. As you know, I’ve been blogging since 2008 and my equipment has changed a lot over the past 9 years. I’ve bought almost everything that I use from Amazon. I take advantage of my Amazon Prime 2-day free shipping! These are all the products that I personally use for blogging and Youtube right now.

Purchased by me.

My Current Youtube Camera Equipment Set Up

Best Youtuber Camera Equipment

This is my desk. You can see how my lights are set up in my tiny room. I have 2 of the Zahra Lipstick Towers, 1 Life After Death Coffin Palette Holder & 2 Coffin Brush Holders. I have 1 Anna Sui style Cotton Pad Dispenser and a small mirror. My larger Simple Human Mirror is on top of one of my ikea Alex right now.

My Current Blogger Product Set Up

Best Blogger Photography Equipiment

This is where I do most of my product shots. It’s on top of an old ottoman in the corner of my room.

Top 10 Youtuber Camera Equipment

1. Canon 80D DSLR Camera
Dave recently talked me into upgrading to the Canon 80D DSLR Camera from the Canon Rebel T3i. I just bought it and it’s impressive. This is the ultimate in Youtuber camera equipment because it can do it all:  videos, self-portraits, product shots, just about everything you need. The other camera I considered when I was researching for my upgrade was the Canon 6D, which is also very nice.

2. Diva Dimmable Ring Light with Stand
My exact ring light isn’t available on Amazon, but this one is pretty close. I use the Stellar Ring Light with half mirror & a camera mount in the center. It’s also dimmable.

3. ePhoto 2 SoftBox Light Set
The ePhoto 2 softbox light set is nice. I have one on either side of my desk, to help provide even lighting on my sides.

4. LimoStudio Hair SoftBox Light
The LimoStudio Hair SoftBox Light is on a stand right behind my ring light and it’s aimed at the top of my face/head. You can see a difference in how evenly it helps to light my face. Any video of mine made from April 25, 2017 and on has this lighting setup.

5. Tripods: Small & Large
You will want a tripod or two. I use the small size for portrait photography and product shots. I use the large tripod for outfit shots and sometimes for video. When I travel I usually take the small tripod with me, as it goes up to a max height of about 39 inches. I actually own two of the smaller tripods. One is constantly set up with my DSLR. The other has an attachment for my Google Pixel XL so that I can do my Facebook Live videos.

6. Handheld Recorder  with Lapel Mic
To improve my sound quality for my videos, I bought this handheld recorder. You can use it on its own, or you can increase its quality by attaching a lapel mic. I don’t often see people in the beauty or fashion sphere doing this, but it’s done in other types of videos I watch, primarily science. The added benefit of the handheld recorder is that you can take it to events and use it to interview people. When I went to the Makeup Show Orlando and interviewed James Vincent, I used this device to record our interview. It cut out most of the loud background noise from the convention.

7. Amazon Wireless Remote
The Amazon Wireless Remote is easy to use. It will make it much easier for you to take self-portraits or close up photos of your makeup just by clicking the remote.

8. SanDisk SD Card
The SanDisk SD Card is what I use in my cameras to record high-quality video and photos.

9. MyStudio Tabletop Studio Kit
The MyStudio Tabletop Studio Kit is what I use for almost all of my product shots. The single piece hard cyclorama background makes it easy to get a good shot.

10. Canon G7 X Mark II
The Canon G7X is what I’ve been using for video since late December 2015. It’s actually one of the best point and shoot cameras I’ve ever seen. It’s great for video and does ok for product photography. If you’re looking for a good starter camera with the flexibility to do product shots, self-portraits, and video, I would recommend it. It’s great if you’re a vlogger too. The newest version of this camera is the G7 X Mark II. You may still be able to pick up the model I have, the original G7X, but it looks like the newest version is about the same price.

Some people rely on daylight only when filming, but I’m often filming at night after work. This is why I’ve tried a lot of different lights in the past before settling on these. I went through 3 different ring lights before I found my perfect one. Thankfully I was able to resell one of those that didn’t quite suit my needs. I do still have a backup ringlight that I never use.

These are my picks for the best Youtuber camera equipment for your home studio. If you’re trying to decide where to start in this list, I would absolutely recommend getting lights first. You can always use your cell phone (if it’s a newer smartphone) to take photos and video. Let me know if you have any questions!

Other Tidbits

  • I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 for video editing.
  • I use Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 for photo editing.
  • I use self-hosted WordPress as my platform for blogging.
  • I use Flywheel for my blog host.
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  • Thanks love, I just came back to this post, it is SO helpful! Thanks for the Adobe info, I’m noting that down right now..seeing your workspace really helps. My cellphone has been what I’ve been doing everything with, I’m going to be able to upgrade to the S7(Samsung) but even with the new updates on the S6 you actually can do a lot-the photo editing is really good, and the so the lighting will be a great help, but having a plan for everything (so I can get a wishlist together!) is super helpful…getting the tripod(I actually saw a product on Beautylish that’s kind of a lighting and mini tripod in one…I chatted with some Adobe agents too and told them what I was interested in. Anyway, you’re awesome…

  • Hello Courtney I Hope You are Doing Well Today! Wow, I Had No Idea Just How Much Goes into Making Good Quality Videos! I Don’t Have a Personal Blog or Anything but I Have Started Thinking About Starting One, I Want to Do One About Makeup & One About Cooking Because I Love Cooking Almost as Much as I Love Makeup! I Don’t Have Any Fancy Cameras or Anything But Even if I Did I Wouldn’t Even Know Where to Begin Because it Really is Something That You Have to Invest in and With My Bad Chronic Pain & Depression I Don’t Know if I Can Handle Running a Blog Right Now Because I Know it Takes a Lot of Work and Devotion! Well Maybe One Day I Will Be Able to Do Some of the Things That I Have Always Wanted to Do! Thanks Again for Sharing This Part of Your Life With Us, it’s Nice to See What Goes On Behind the Scenes! Have a Great Day Courtney! – Jana

  • This is so helpful, thanks lady! I just pulled the trigger on a new Canon 80D, actually, as well as an add-on monitor. And I’ve been thinking about a ring light etc; it’s like you knew! *grin* (I’m a daylight-for-photos girl, but it’s a bit limiting, especially when I live in a place that doesn’t always get good light through the windows.)

    Thanks again! xo

  • Hi! I currently have the T3i but it doesn’t autofocus while filming which makes close up swatches and showing products I talk about hard. Also seems to stop filming every 15 mins? Did you run into this? What was your work-around?

    • This is why I stopped using the T3i for video. It can’t autofocus while filming and you’re prone to going out of focus if you move at all. I use the Canon G7x and the Canon 80D for filming now. The G7X is excellent with auto focus.

  • Thank you for sharing your setup! I always need extra lights during fall and winter months, and I always buy my upgrades on Amazon.

  • This is such a great and helpful post! I love that you show us your little film area! So fun to peek behind the scenes!

  • I’ve been thinking of investing in a new camera, maybe not the 80D but the 70D, though all the Canon cameras are worth it to me

  • I love that you use the mic for volume on your videos. I can’t tell you how many videos I can’t hear but yours are always great for me. I wish I’d seen the Cannon G7 when I was looking for a camera. It’s so hit or miss without suggestions like yours.

  • Wow, it’s so amazing to see your set up! The way you shoot the products and yourself, I always pictured you in a huge empty space. Very well done, and so informative

    • Hi Megan! I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 for videos and Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.

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