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8 Bit Cosmetics Review

8 Bit Cosmetics Video Swatches Review

A while back I purchased several eyeshadows from 8 Bit Cosmetics. I’d seen them online in a few looks that I thought were gorgeous, so I thought I’d give a new indie company a try. I ordered several clamshell samples.

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About 8 Bit Cosmetics
Creating my own brand has been the best decision of my life. I get to choose what goes into my make up which means I control the pigmentation and everything else. Due to years of wasting my money on make up that looked like a dream and applied like a nightmare I have fairly high standards for my brand.


Cruelty Free Status
All products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. Most products are vegan.

$4.00 full size (sifter or no sifter)
$1.00 sample (clamshell or baggie)
$7 pressed eyeshadow
$9 nail polish
$4 mini nail polish

My Thoughts

All eyeshadows swatched on Milani Eyeshadow primer on my arm.

8 Bit Cosmetics Swatches

Brassy Bits Collection

8 Bit Gaslight Swatch
white eye shadow is loaded with gold reflecks
My Take
white with gold iridescence

8 Bit Bronze Swatch

warm rosy gold
My Take
rosy brown with gold iridescence

8 Bit Mechanic Swatch

a gorgeous gold with black undertone
My Take
blackened base with gold iridescence on top

8 Bit Steampunk Swatch

light bronze
My Take
coppery bronze with brown undertones

8 Bit Cog Swatch

light gold
My Take
antique gold

Everyone’s a Hero Collection

8 Bit Apocalyptic Swatch
beautiful teal with a slight shimmer
My Take
bright teal blue

8 Bit The Cat Swatch

The Cat
dark matte purple (not vegan)
My Take
dark but vibrant purple matte

We’re All Mad Here Collection

8 Bit Curiouser Swatch
dark grey blue with a slight green sheen
My Take
deep greyed blue with a hint of green iridescence

8 Bit Do Bats Eat Cats Swatch

Do Cats Eat Bats
smoky grey with pink tones
My Take
deep grey with hints of pink iridescence

8 Bit We're All Mad Here Swatch

We’re All Mad Here
pink toned purple with violet and pink sparkle (not vegan)
My Take
pinky purple, great radiant orchid type shade

8 Bit Cosmetics Video Review Swatches

8 Bit Cosmetics Video Review Swatches

8 Bit Cosmetics Video Review Swatches

8 Bit Cosmetics Video Review Swatches


All glitter swatched on top of Darling Girl Glitter Glue.

8 Bit Glitter Swatches
Oooo Shiny Collection

8 Bit Bottled Fairies Glitter Swatch
Bottled Fairies
a lovely light pink with multicolored sparkle
My Take
gorgeous light pink with opalescent glitter

8 Bit Save Point Glitter Swatch

Save Point
a very pale lavender glitter with multicolored sparkle
My Take
light greyed lavender with opalescent glitter

8 Bit World Shaking Glitter Swatch

Pretty Guardians Collection
World Shaking
a chartreuse-y gold mixed with a blue cosmetic glitter
My Take
light lime green glitter

8 Bit Glitter Swatches Blurred
Blurred to show off the glimmers

From the day I placed  my order until it shipped, it took 4 days, which wasn’t bad. Then it took about 4 days to receive. So all told, about 8 days from the time I ordered until I received the products. I consider this reasonable for a small indie company.

When I messaged 3 days after placing my order to ask when my order would ship, because I did not see a turn around time listed, I received a prompt, polite reply that my order was currently being packed and would be sent out the next day, which is exactly what happened.

Ingredients are listed on each individual eyeshadow and glitter shade. Each listing also lets you know whether the item is vegan or not. Most items seem to be vegan.

I love the wide variety of eyeshadow colors. They have brights as well as neutrals. The glitters are cute but I have not worn them yet. I’m always nervous about using glitter near my eyes so I keep thinking I’ll use them in a manicure.

The eyeshadows were very easy for me to apply. They lasted for over 11 hours on primer (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) without creasing or fading for me. The colors blend easily with one another. They’re very pigmented, too.

Full size jars are 2 grams of product, while samples are .5 grams of product. I found the amount of product in the clamshells to be quite generous, and definitely enough to keep anyone occupied with the colors for a while.

Because I loved this order so much I placed another order, so you’ll see 8 Bit Cosmetics again.

Have you tried 8 Bit Cosmetics? Any favorite shades to share? What about color combos?


  • Budget friendly. It’s hard to beat $4 for a full size.
  • Cruelty free
  • Many vegan products
  • Wide variety of colors including brights and neutrals


  • Lack of TAT listed on the storefront
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