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Name the last product you REALLY wanted to love, but didn’t.

Lime Crime Venus III Tutorial

Name the last product you REALLY wanted to love, but didn’t.

This weekend the Lipstick League is asking you to Name the last product you REALLY wanted to love, but didn’t.

Blushing Noir – Fall is the best time for new makeup, especially for eyes! Check out some of my Fall drugstore beauty favorites from Maybelline.

My Beauty Bunny – knows why your acne is not going away despite that crazy expensive skincare regimen you’ve been using. Click through for 15+ Urban Decay Aphrodisiac Palette Tutorials and Looks for Inspiration. They’re perfect for Fall!

Slashed Beauty – Ready to rock some braided hairstyles for fall? Watch this hair tutorial for four braided hairstyles to try out this season.

we heart this – We all know Probiotics are good for your insides. But did you know they’re good for your outside too? Meet Tula Skincare.

Beautygeeks – has all the details on Shellac Luxe, CND’s newest UV polish that needs no base coat and soaks off in an easy, speedy 60 seconds.

(Wondering what the Lipstick League is? Find out here.)

Blushing Noir is Currently Craving: The Benefit Brow Contour Pro. I have a lot of sparse areas in my brows and I think a product like this with 2 brow shades plus a definer and highlighter is exactly what I’ve been looking for my whole adult life.

Question – Name the last product you REALLY wanted to love, but didn’t.
Answer – I’m sure it was a foundation. I always buy foundations in high hopes that they’ll be awesome and I’m usually let down because of the shitty shade range or how it performs on my dry skin.

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  • I’m sorry to say that I wanted to love the Urban Deday born to run palette. The formula is not easy to work on my eyes. Some shades are not well pigmented, are blurry or get a greyish veil after applying. I expected so much more. Every time I use the palette, I’m never really happy with the look.

  • I wanted to love the Idun minerals foundation, but the smell… it is just a scent that I can’t stand and does not dissipate after it’s on. So bummed.

  • I wanted to love Fenty’s Universal Lip Luminizer but, like everything else that supposedly looks great on “everyone”, it looked absolutely vile on me. Blecch!

  • The last product that I REALLY wanted to love was a bottle of the original Dior Poison perfume. I had wanted it for years and years and finally ordered it online. The scent is different now; I don’t know what it is, but there’s just a note it in that isn’t quite tight and really changes it too much. I’m so incrediblyy disappointed. The other variations of Poison smell terrible to me, so I’m just out of luck. Also, I really wanted to like Viseart Golden Hour and Tryst, but these don’t seem any different from any of my other eyeshadows and I never reach for them.

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