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My Pretty Zombie Review

Recently I purchased a shadow from My Pretty Zombie on Etsy, and was sent some additional shadows for review.


I was extremely dismayed when I opened the shadow that I ordered because it came in a 5 gram jar, but looked like it was a sample. I fully expected that the shadows she sent me would be sample sized, but not that the one I bought would be. I quickly checked the product description on Etsy and saw that it listed that each jar came with about 1.5 grams of product for a full size for $5. Since I can purchase a 5 gram jar from Fyrinnae stuffed to the top – literally – with shadow, this was a huge disappointment. I contacted the seller and let her know about my feelings on the subject.

Imagine my surprise when I received a message this morning from her telling me that she had increased the size from 1.5 g to 2.5 g for her listings. I went and checked her store, and sure enough, I saw that it had been increased to 2.5 g.

Here are swatches of the 5 shadows I received:

Official Shade Descriptions:
Mitzi – gunmetal grey with multi colored glitter
Roxie – hot pink with pink glitter
Vanity – lemon lime shimmer with lemon lime glitter
Davanh – super dark eggplant with multi-colored glitter
Violet – a cool purple with blue multi colored glitter

My observations:
roxie – pink with silver sparkles
vanity – yellow-green with coordinating sparkles
violet – purple with blue and aqua sparkles
mitzi – grey with multi-colored sparkles
davanh – dark warm black with blue sparkles

You can see Mitzi on the lid here with Pixie Epoxy.

I think the shadow that I ordered and the others that I received are nice. While not complex colors, they are pretty. They’ve got good pigment.

What do I think of the Zombie Theme?
Well, Zombies are truly the stuff of my nightmares. My worst nightmares always contain zombies. In the good ones, I’m setting them on fire. In the bad ones, I’m being ripped apart. There’s always elements of loss of self. I think that the Zombie theme for this store is kind of amusing.

Would I purchase from My Pretty Zombie Again?
Maybe. I’m impressed that the seller increased their product size based on my feedback.



  • Thanks for your review. I guess I have mixed feelings about new MMU companies. There are so many out there, the new ones better be offering something very unique. I’m not sure if I’m going to try out MPZ or not just yet.

    • Honestly, I’ve been thinking of that, too. I may just stick to companies that I know and like for a while, since I’ve been disappointed.

  • I’m lovin the colors, though 🙂 I don’t wear yellows very well, but Vanity looks gorgeous!!

    • Yeah, I like it. It’s a yellow green shade, which I normally like to pair with darker greens, teals or purples.

  • Because she’s newish to the makeup industry, I think the sizes were actually pretty impressive. It’s really cool that she up’ed the size based on feedback from her fans. I love MPZ.

    • I was definitely impressed that she changed things due to feedback. I don’t think the original size was impressive at all, though.

  • I’m digging Roxie and Vanity. Pretty! Also, glad she’s bumped up her sizes a bit…I’d looked at her store before and was a little surprised at the price for the amount. I support indie mineral makeup because they don’t have the same astronomical mark-up as larger brands like Bare Minerals, so it looks like she made a good move!

    • I try very hard to support indie companies. Obviously I will like some better than others due to personal tastes. I think that she did make a good move to bump up the size.

  • Nice colours! You’ve got epic taste, as usual. I too am impressed at that seller taking your suggestions on board so quickly. Clearly you have a lot of influence in the indie mineral makeup world 😉

    • Honestly, I was surprised. But I really thought, ‘I spent $5 and that’s all I got?! I should have spent the money at Fyrinnae.’

  • I love Fyrinnae and would always pick their eyeshadows over some other brand 😀 They’re so generous! I bet you were disappointed when you saw how small amount you got. :/

    But I hope you are satisfied with them. 🙂

  • I think the colors are ok, but I really like the creativity of the other products. The diorama’s, for example, rock my socks off! ^_^ Thanks for the swatches!!!!

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