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More disturbing information on Orglamix and Urban Apothecary

More disturbing information on Cheri Tracy of Orglamix and Urban Apothecary, courtesy of Honestly Beautiful.

You can see the cease and desist letter I received from Cheri Tracy yesterday here.

You can see my review that Cheri Tracy did not like here. This is where I say that it’s my opinion that I don’t like her products or the information she gave me.

You can read Pixie a la Mode’s thoughts on Orglamix here.

I believe even Kristen of Aromaleigh has now received a cease and desist letter from Cheri Tracy.

And I believe that the Adventurous Purple Koala received one, too!

Here’s the Time Line:
On August 7, 2009, I purchased from Orglamix.
I used her products and in my opinion I believed them to be nothing special.
At this point I felt like I’d wasted money on her products.
On September 17, 2009 Cheri Tracy contacted me via email to review her makeup and offered to send me samples.
I explained to her that I’d already purchased some of her products, and proceeded to ask her questions about how she makes her makeup, etc.
After doing more research about her companies that she told me she had (which included Orglamix and Urban Apothecary), I didn’t like what I found.
On September 25, 2009 I posted my review and stated that I would not recommend Orglamix’s products.
On October 26, 2009 I received a cease and desist.
On October 26, 2009 Kristen Bell of Aromaleigh received a cease and desist.
On October 27, 2009 the Adventurous Purple Koala received a cease and desist.

So yes, Cheri Tracy is having a tantrum about a review she asked for, on products I purchased from her.

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  • Urban Apothecary is also apparently falsely depicting itself as cruelty free:
    I found this
    from Specialty Chemical Magazine Dec/Jan 04, which clearly states that at least one major manufacturer of TRF developed the product by testing it: “1 mg on dry minced rat abdominal skin”

  • Hi Blix,
    I will continue to be honest.
    I gave my honest review, after she asked for it.
    If she didn't want a review, she shouldn't have asked.

    Hi Kelli,
    I think Aromaleigh is a target because they're so successful.

    Hi Daniel,
    I think it's awful too.

    Hi AxSDenied,
    I agree with you.

  • Welp, I definately won't be buying from these guys if they threaten people for not liking their products. I would have given them a shot (i like to find things out for myself) but after this, they can just eat it
    They are makeup bullies, nothing more

  • Thats's awful, 3 cease and desists? Is she gonna send all of you to court? Doesn't she have anything better to do? There's no way she can deliver, she's just trying to scare you, all bark and no bite.

    p.s. Sorry bout teh comments before

  • Why would anyone bother Aromaleigh???They've been around longer than anyone making original stuff so unless people have a time machine Aromaleigh seems a strange target.

  • Wow! This woman is out of control. Thanks for your honest posts and I'm glad to see you sticking up for yourself and not backing down. People should be aware of what she's doing. I never knew there could be so much drama in the makeup world. Sheesh.

  • That's scary! Thank you so much for the link of this information. Buyers have the right to know about this especially if there are dangerous chemicals in the products! Don't ever stop telling us this! All you bloggers are amazing!

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