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Mineral Makeup Comparison of Everyday Minerals, AromaLeigh Cosmetics and Meow Cosmetics

After using the Everyday Minerals, AromaLeigh and Meow foundations, I like the feel of the Meow foundations the best. That being said, I think the AromaLeigh eyeshadows look and feel awesome, as well as their lip and cheek stains. Everyday Minerals has the cheapest sample sets, and the best packaging of samples.

Everyday Minerals
best packaging of samples
cheapest sample kits

Meow Cosmetics
best feeling foundation
best highlighting powder

AromaLeigh Cosmetics
best eyeshadow colors
best lippies

Now, here’s how their pricing breaks down on foundation.

EM Pricing
8g price $12
2.5g price $5

Meow Pricing
8g net weight $10.95
30g net weight $21.95

AL Pricing
8g net weight $15.75

When comparing the prices of foundations, Meow cosmetics is the cheapest and best buy for your money, especially if you buy the 30g size. I also think it feels the best on my skin.

Here’s how their pricing breaks down on eye shadows:

EM Eyeshadows
1. 3.5g $6.00
2. 1g $2.50

Meow Eyeshadows
1. 2g $8.00 matte
2. 2g $10.25 moderns
3. 2g $8.00 idealeyes
4. 2g $10.25 scandaleyes
5. 1.6g $7.00 vandaleyes

Aroma Leigh Eyeshadows
1. 4g $8.50 eye lustre
2. 1.7g $8.00 elemental lustre
3. 1.2g $8.00 gothic lolita
4. 4g $8.25 pure eyes frost
5. 4g $8.25 pure eyes matte
6. 4g $8.25 satin petals frost
7. 2g $5.75 pure hue intense multi purpose
8. 1.2g $6.50 rocks
9. 3g $13.25 Indelible creme eyeshadow (like MAC paint pots)

And here’s how the lippies break down:
EM Lips
$3.50 (doesn’t list size)


AL Lips
4.25g $5.50 armoatherapy lipbalm
2.76g $7.75 botanical lipsticks
4.25g $7.75 gothic lolita lips

I think the eyeshadows and lippies are fairly priced, though I think the AL ones are the best priced for the value. Meow, for whatever reason, doesn’t make lippies.

As you may or may not recall, I started looking into mineral makeup because it’s supposed to be eco friendly, better for your skin, and cheaper than what I currently use. If things do work out, I plan on making Meow my foundation, and purchasing lips and eyes from AL. I just don’t like EM well enough to use stuff in it. This is not to say that EM isn’t good, it’s just not to my taste. Hopefully you’ll find this mineral makeup review useful and informative.

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