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Medusa’s Makeup Swatches and Review

I decided to swatch all of my Medusa’s Makeup eye dusts and pressed eye shadows for you. Unfortunately I didn’t have any sun by the time I was finished.

Cupcake is a lighter pink than Pretty in Pink. Flamingo is a lighter pink with purple iridescence, where as Pink Cadillac is a deeper pink than Flamingo, closer to a fuschia, with purple reflect. Purple Rain is darker than Fascination.

View a very large image here.

Other Swatches of mine:

Shade Descriptions:
Volcano    – (med) burgundy shade
Vanilla Latte – (light) pink champagne with shimmer
Desert Storm – (light) light champagne with shimmer
Coral Reef – (high) thick rich true coral
Atlantis – (med) medium shimmery blue
Blue Balls – (high) thick rich true blue
Mary Jane – (med) olive greenish gold
Bruiser – (med) shimmery deep purple
Purple Rain – (med) shimmery bright royal purple
Fascination – (med) shimmery purple with slight fuschia iridescence
Pink Cadillac – (med) deep hot fuschia with slight purple iridescence
Flamingo – (light) shimmery pink w/ purple iridescence
Pretty in Pink – (light) shimmery true pink
Cupcake – (med) sparkle light pink
Helter Skelter – (high) shimmery deep rich midnight blue black
Electro Turquoise – intense teal with micro silver sparkles
Electro Indigo – Blue-purple with micro silver sparkles
Electro Pink – perfect neon pink with micro silver sparkles
Electro White – bright white with micro silver sparkles (they always look a bit golden to me instead of silver)

These are all the colors I’ve purchased.

I have also purchased 2 of the lip glosses:
Gossip – iridescent violet pink with cherry flavor
Sparkle Mania – clear glitter with vanilla flavor

and received the following for free:
Concious – clear gloss with no flavor

I really like both of the glosses, especially Sparkle Mania, as it’s great for layering.

In general, I like Medusa’s Makeup.

Vegan Eye Dusts:
They say that they’re 1.5 grams net wet on the jar for the eye dusts at $6 each.
Their ingredients are Titanium Dioxide, Mica and Iron Oxide.

Pressed Eye Shadows:
The pressed eye shadows are supposed to be 2 grams net weight at $9 each.
Their ingredients are Talc,Laureth-4, Sorbitan, sesquiolests, Lanolin oil, Isopropyl Palmitrate, Calcium Silicate, Sodium Dehyroacetats, Trisodium EDTA, Tocopharyl Acatate, Methylparaben,Propylparaben, Ethylparaben. [+/-(may contain):Calcium Sodium Borosilicata, Mica, Titanim Oxide, Iron Oxides. (I’m not crazy about the ingredients list, by the way.)

Vegan Lip Glosses:
They’re .25 fl oz at $9 each.
Their ingredients are Silica, Polybutene, Microcrystalline Wax, Octyl Palmitate, Methylaraben, Propylparaben, Paraffinum Liquidum,Butylated Hyclroxy, Fragrance, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide.

I have not tried any of their other products.

Customer Service:
They ship fast, respond to emails and answer their phone. These are all good things. When I had a problem with an order, they immediately corrected it by sending out my missing product. They even included a free clear lip gloss, which was unexpected, but nice. They often include stickers and other information with their packages.

When I asked them if they made their own products or repackaged, here was their answer:
The majority of our products, eye dust, glitter, body shimmer/blush, lip gloss are all made in our Chicago facility.

What do you think of Medusa’s Makeup?



  • Hi Laura,
    Yep, you know how important good customer service is to me.

    Hi Bella Koola,
    Oooh, I have two of your favorites, Purple Rain and Fascination. I recently picked up Purple Rain based on one of your looks and swatches.

    Hi Vampiressdoll,
    I think they have good pigmentation.

    Hi Mama Jen,
    I strongly suspected because of the ingredients list that the pressed eye shadows were distributed by Medusa's Makeup, but wasn't 100%. I do however like the ones that I've tried, especially the Turquoise.

  • I don't know anything about the eye dusts but i can tell you that the pressed e/s are just repackaged e/s. I was just letting you know because i know you prefer companies that make their own products.

    I still want the brush kit because well it's

  • In general, I like Medusa's eye dust more than the eyeshadows. My favourite Medusa eye dusts are Purple Rain, Boy Toy and Fascination. The quality is pretty good for less than $10 a pop.

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