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How Morgana Minerals Creates Vegan Lipsticks

In light of the recent speculations on Lime Crime’s lipsticks being repackaged as well as their eye shadows, I spoke to Morgana Minerals, a company that makes their own vegan lipsticks. I happen to LOVE these lipsticks, so I contacted Melissa of Morgana Minerals to ask her about her lipstick creation process.

While it certainly is a labor of love, she creates small batches and is constantly improving upon her formula to make the lipsticks creamy and long-wearing.

Melissa told me that her process is something like this:

She first mixes the pigments in a grinder.
Then she adds that mix to a melted base and stirs until it’s mixed to her liking.
She will then add flavor and vitamin e, etc, in varying degrees depending upon the color.
Next she will pour the mixture into the mold and pop this into the fridge for an hour or so.
Then she will insert the tubes onto the bottoms and pull them out of her 12 cavity anodized aluminum lipstick mold.
She normally makes 6 to 7 lipsticks in one color at a time, which keeps her batches small and her colors very fresh.

She even made a little video exclusive for me to post here for everyone to see:

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  • Hi Natasha,
    I have not tried Amphigory. I can try emailing them to find out if they repackage or create.

    Hi Lindsey,
    I thought it was awesome too! She's really sweet.
    In my experience, a lot of the ladies (and gents!) who own their own mineral makeup company are very nice and open and will answer questions.

    Hi Julia,
    I have placed 2 previous orders with Archetype and received both, and I have a current order I'm waiting on now. I've usually had good luck contacting them through MySpace, but I have sent them an email and MySpace and not heard from them. I think they're just swamped.

    Hi Nea,
    I've loved all the lipsticks I've purchased from Morgana 🙂

    Hi Tally,
    I'm really glad you liked seeing this!

  • This video was so nice see! I'll definitely buy lipsticks for Morgana now 🙂

    I just have to wait till my first pigment order arrives and I can test those and order more ;D

  • Hi, Phyrra. Nice tips! I usually takes a fruit oil based cream solid thing I bought somewhere. forgot.. Anyway, then I take the pigments to mix in. It's really great because the lip base is not too runny or too hard.

    I hope you don't mind me saying: have you had good luck with Archetype? My second order was in August and I trusted that they would arrive, but they didn't. I then sent many emails asking since 4 weeks ago. No reply, but they did an update in october. Mind if you had any luck? Thank you!!!

  • Have you ever tried cosmetics from Amphigory? I haven't heard anyone review cosmetics and I was wondering if you have ever tried them. They have many unique shades of lipstick. (But with all the talk of repackaged mineral make-up I'm hoping they aren't among them.)

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