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Cease and Desist Letter from Cheri Tracy of Orglamix

Last Monday, Cheri Tracy of Orglamix/Urban Apothecary had a paralegal email me a cease & desist letter. You can view that letter here.

Now, I fully expected that if I received a hard copy of a Cease & Desist, that it would have documents with it, and cite specifics on what they want me to remove.

Instead, it’s literally just a copy of the email sent, and it’s not even signed by the lawyer! Everything is typed, including people’s signatures. This just doesn’t seem legitimate to me.

Here’s what has happened so far with Cheri Tracy & Orglamix:
August 7, 2009 – I purchased products from Orglamix via Etsy.
I used her products and in my opinion I believed them to be nothing special. At this point I felt like I’d wasted money on her products. I didn’t like them.

September 17, 2009 – Cheri Tracy contacted me via email to review her makeup and offered to send me samples.
I explained to her that I’d purchased makeup from her already and proceeded to ask her questions about how she makes her makeup. She tells me that she also owns Urban Apothecary and several other businesses. I did research about her companies and what she had told me, and was uncomfortable with what I found.

September 25, 2009 – I posted my review on Orglamix.
Cheri didn’t contact me after my review was up. Yes, you read this right. From the time I posted my review, until Oct 26, 2009 (so about a month) I never received an email from Cheri about my review.

October 26, 2009 – I received an email cease and desist from Cheri Tracy & her paralegal.

November 2, 2009 – I received a letter in the mail that states it is a cease & desist, but it is not signed by a lawyer, everything is typed, and there is no additional documentation with it that specifies what exactly she objects to or wants removed from my blog.

I am entitled to my opinion on Orglamix, and I do not like their products nor would I recommend them. I feel like I wasted my money when I purchased her products.

I’m still surprised that since Cheri Tracy asked me to review Orglamix that she’s treating me this way.

I’m wondering if she’s going to go after anyone else who has left her negative reviews, on other sites.

Finally, I’m wondering why she can’t take a bit of criticism. Not every product is going to work for every person. I’ve tried a lot of makeup and it’s very rare for me to just flat out hate a product and find it a waste of my money.

Thankfully, I’m not the sort of person to make personal attacks in my blog.

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    • Her makeup had no base, it was just mica. It wasn’t a finished product. It wasn’t very pigmented. To me, it was a waste of my money.

  • Crazy! I'm just glad I never had any contact with her and her products now. I never respond well to bullies, it's not in my nature to back down. You've handled all of this admirably. I really don't think you have anything to worry about.


  • threats and intimidation? isn't that how the Mafia works…? how silly that someone who owns "several" mmu companies would take such an unprofessional approach. seems to me she could take lessons from the company that's trying to improve your experience w/their mmu products instead of sulking and throwing a fit.


  • Yeah. I haven't seen you do anything wrong at all in this situation. Sharing an opinion, even if it is negative, is not defamation. I love your reviews, I think you do a great job! I think she's just having a fit =(

  • Hi Bhevarri,
    Thank you.
    I'm still waiting for her to send me an 'official' letter detailing exactly what she'd like removed, but that's no guarantee that I will remove it.

  • how incredibly silly. This country really is plagued with legal threats and this is just a sad example of that. Fear is a way to control people, but she isn't doing a very good job =P
    Don't be afraid!!

  • Yep, she's sounding more and more shady by the minute. You'd think that she'd realize by now that she's only damaging her own name, as well as that of her company (and hey, maybe that's not a bad thing, considering that at this point, her company isn't known for its reputable business practices).

  • I don't buy makeup, don't wear makeup, and don't know the first thing about makeup. However, I will remember the name "Orglamix" and will make a point of mentioning their actions to everyone I know who does purchase makeup.

    I never would've imagined that I'd care about anything that a makeup company does, but now I do. Please keep us all posted, and help these people to learn that intimidation is not the way one does business on the internet!

  • Hi Jenn,
    I know, it's pretty crazy!
    But I can't recommend a product I don't think is good. I try to always give honest reviews, so what's happened here is really upsetting to me. I will not stop giving honest reviews, but I do feel like I have to always be looking over my shoulder.

    In contrast, another company that I gave a bad review to has apologized to me for the experience I had with them and keeps trying to 'fix' things so that I'll give their product another try. I can't help but that that that company is going about things in a better fashion than Orglamix.

  • I emailed my Sister who is a Law clerk and asked about this.
    A legitimate C&D order would have at the top a case number and at the Bottom The Attorney's Name, Signature and Bar number.

    If it does not contain those items then in the US it just an angry letter from an individual.

    So what this means is they they are assuming that you are an idiot. Eeeeettttt…Wrong Answer!

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