Wearing Urban Decay After Dark Lipstick

Deck of Scarlet Mauve Tutorial

Deck of Scarlet 02 Babsbeauty Palette Today I’m sharing a Deck of Scarlet Mauve Tutorial with you. Deck of Scarlet recently sent me their 02 Babsbeauty palette….

Urban Decay Fireball Tutorial. This is a great duochrome eyeshadow tutorial for all eye shapes, but especially nice for hooded or monolid eyes. I used Urban Decay Fireball, Vape, Relish, Punk and ABC Gum. You could recreate this with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette too.

Urban Decay Fireball Tutorial

Urban Decay Fireball Tutorial Today I’m sharing my Urban Decay Fireball Tutorial. It’s a mostly one brand tutorial. I love duochrome eyeshadows and was…