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Adventures in Pressing Pigments

I tried Jen (from A Beautyful Sentiment)’s illustrated MAC Pigment Pressing tutorial.

First I took an old e.l.f. quad that I had and cleaned out the little bit of makeup left in it, so that I had pans and a quad to use. Then I looked at my MAC pigments and tried to decide which colors to do. I decided on Pink Pearl, Fairylite, Viz-a-violet and Violet.

Here’s the stuff I have to work with today:

I put labels on the bottom of the eye shadows before I started the tutorial:

Here’s me mixing up Pink Pearl:

You can see what they look like here:

Here’s what they looked like after I accidently dumped violet upside down when I was dropping it to help it settle, and I smacked into Pink Pearl too. I’m a klutz!

I decided to try and make pressed mineral blushes. I went to Walgreens and bought this Wet n’ Wild palette (they were buy 1 get 1 free). I scraped out the eye shadows, then I pried out the pans and cleaned them out. I labelled the bottom of them with the colors I was going to use in them.

Here’s the blushes next to the empty palette, which they’ll be going back into.

Here’s another look at the blushes. Corset, Wildflower, Verve, and Rococo were GORGEOUS and mesmerizing to mix up.

I used 2 Meow blushes:
Crush – Berry through and through, cool toned and lively
Feline-be-mine – A pop of coral toned cherry pink

I used 6 Aromaleigh Blushes:
Glazed – a medium toned peach/pink with subtle sheen.
Epitome – A luscious coral/peach.
Corset – A clear brilliant reddish rouge
Wildflower – A warm purple with rich wine tones.
Rococo – A clear sweet nectar-hued rouge.
Verve – It’s peach, it’s pink, it’s warm red- all with iridescent tones of warmth and gold

The pigments are currently resting under black jeans, coins, and 4 heavy books each. I’ll of course let you know how they turn out!

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