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When Does a Stand Become a Grudge?

Jedi & Ana ponder holding a grudge

Phyrra: I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now. In this stretch of time, I’ve had some truly wonderful experiences and some truly awful experiences. There are several companies on my ‘I will not shop from again’ list. After a particularly positive experience with one of those companies, it has made me wonder, when does a stand become a grudge? Where do you draw the line? How long do you boycott a company before giving them another chance? Or do they deserve another chance?

As an example, I had an awful time with Sigma Beauty. However, I had a wonderful experience with them at IMATS LA. I also loved a product of theirs and I want to review it. Should they get another chance since they provided me with good customer service?

What about Lime Crime? The original issues with them seem to be gone, though they’ve had some stumbling blocks like the way they handled the China Doll palette in February 2012. They’ve since come out with some nice products and they seem to have turned the company around. Is it time to give them another chance?

I know some companies I will forever hold a grudge against, such as Orglamix. The owner threatened me with a lawsuit for a negative review. That’s something I just can’t get over. However, I do feel like, after a point, most companies deserve another chance, especially if they’ve changed. While it’s certainly not my duty to support a business whose ethics I don’t like, I also don’t feel like I have to write a company off forever, especially in light of new, positive evidence.

Ultimately, I know that supporting a business that has done shady things in the past or had questionable morals is up to each individual. Everyone will feel differently about it at different times. I think I’m at the point where I’m over holding a grudge against Sigma Beauty and Lime Crime. I’m still not over Orglamix, Facefront or several others. I don’t know that I will ever be over some of those. But in general, I’m tired of holding a grudge. I want to give people a second chance.

If a company has let you down personally, what could that company do, if anything, to win you back or to get another chance with you? For me, it’s taken years to see the changes in Lime Crime and a personal, face to face experience with Sigma Beauty.

Jedi Ana: Phyrra and I discussed this topic and she was kind enough to let me add my thoughts on this subject. I think it’s a very big, interesting, issue which is different for everyone.

It raises a lot of questions: Does the size and reputation of the company make a difference? What bothers you more – conduct from a company which is unprofessional (missing/delayed orders, damaged/poor products, poor customer service) or conduct you think is unethical (animal testing, not meeting safety standards, fraud, repackaging, dishonesty, dodgy ad campaigns)? Which are you more likely to forgive, and why? What could coax you into trying the brand again in either scenario, if anything?

For me, the biggest factor is how much I want the product vs how much/why I don’t want to shop with the company. For example, I have huge problems with Sleek; I have had nothing but bad experiences every time I’ve had to deal with their customer service and think very poorly of their professionalism but I love the products. Even though it’s supporting the company, if I can get my hands on the products without having to directly deal with them (and suffer the awful service) then I will. With some other companies though, I wouldn’t.

I’m more likely to give a company a second chance if someone I trust recommends me to try them again (I never would have fallen in love with my two favourite brands – Fyrinnae and Evil Shades if Phyrra didn’t convince me to try them a second time after a negative first experience; I’m glad she did ’cause now I love them both to bits) or if I have ethical concerns and it seems like the business is showing signs of change.

I will admit though, mostly it’s just about how much I want whatever is being sold.

It’s a big, thorny, thought-provoking issue and we’re both really interested to hear your take on it!

Edit: Still refusing to buy from Lime Crime. Harassing bloggers and threatening them with lawsuits means I’m done.

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