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What TV Series or Fandom Do You Want to See as a Makeup Collection?

Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf

I’m curious. What TV Series or Fandom do you want to see as a makeup collection? Right now I keep hoping a brand I love will come out with a Teen Wolf collection. When watching Teen Wolf, I feel like I’m watching a live action anime done right. I had no idea until I got a little obsessed about the show that Guillermo del Toro’s creatures from Pan’s Labyrinth were an inspiration for the werewolf special effects and costuming. I find Tyler Posey as Scott particularly charming. He reminds me of a friend of mine here in Tampa.

The supernatural lore in the show is interesting with the twists and turns they put in to keep things exciting. I love that they pulled in kitsune and I’m curious to see what they’ll do with banshee mythology.

So let me know, what’s your recent obsession? What do you want to see as a makeup collection?

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