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Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette

Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette dupes, swatches, thoughts

TGIF! Today I have the Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette to show you. I bought the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette from Ulta a while ago and it is currently not available. It’s one of the most over-hyped palettes ever and people were in such a frenzy to get their hands on it. Silk Naturals created vegan dupe for this palette. Silk Naturals products are vegan, 100% natural and made in the USA. They’re made without fragrance, talc, or bismuth oxychloride. They’re also gluten free.

Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette

Pr + purchased by me.

Where to Buy
Silk Naturals

$59.95 for the palette (18 shades, each in 5 gram jars)
$4.50 for individual 5 gram jars

I paid a total of $58.80 for the Sweet Peach Palette ($49 for the palette, $5.95 shipping and $3.85 tax). I also want to point out that I spent 3 or more hours trying to buy this from Too Faced’s website and it kept crashing, then sold out. To buy this, I had to use Ulta’s phone app and I was able to snag one, though they weren’t showing on the Ulta website. It was definitely difficult to buy. I’m very tired of the LE products selling out super fast and being over hyped.

I feel it’s important to point out the fragrance bit because the Sweet Peach does indeed smell of peaches. My palette has a particularly  strong scent of cloying peaches. Now, I love real peaches. I love peach lotion. I’m not fond of this particular peach scent with the palette though, as it’s too strong for my taste.

Now, the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette has a lot of underperforming shades, especially when compared to the Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chocolate Bon Bons or Semi Sweet palettes. The Silk Naturals eyeshadows are all loose eyeshadows, they’re very pigmented, and they perform very well.

Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette dupes, swatches, thoughts

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Organic Vegan Dupe

For my swatches below I swatched on Too Faced Shadow Insurance, which is my all time favorite eyeshadow primer.

Silk Naturals Goddess dupe for Too Faced White Peach and Urban Decay Venus swatch
(dupe for Too Faced White Peach or Urban Decay Venus)
creamy pearl
Goddess is slightly warmer and more satiny than White Peach.

Silk Naturals Sunkissed dupe for Too Faced Nectar swatch

Sunkissed (dupe for Too Faced Nectar)
a light golden peach with a muted shimmer finish
Sunkissed has a warmer copper undertone when compared to Nectar.

Silk Naturals Coastal dupe for Too Faced Peaches n' Cream swatch

Coastal (dupe for Too Faced Peaches n’ Cream)
a very pretty pale peachy yellow matte
These look very similar to me, I think Coastal is just much more pigmented.

Silk Naturals Tanlines dupe for Too Faced Luscious swatch

Tanlines (dupe for Too Faced Luscious)
a coppery tan with a shimmery pearl finish
Tanlines is slightly more copper toned than Luscious.

Silk Naturals Scene Stealer dupe for Too Faced Cobbler swatch

Scene Stealer (dupe for Too Faced Cobbler)
burnished deep copper suede
Scene Stealer is more copper toned while Cobbler is more golden toned.

Silk Naturals Savannah dupe for Too Faced Georgia swatch

Savannah (dupe for Too Faced Georgia)
medium peach matte
Savannah looks very similar to Georgia, though Georgia is a smidge dusty in comparison.

Silk Naturals Sundress dupe for Too Faced Just Peachy swatch

Sundress (dupe for Too Faced Just Peachy)
rosey pink matte with gold overlay
Sundress is a warmer, slightly deeper peachy pink with golden shift. While I love both of these, I like Just Peachy a bit better since it’s a bit lighter and pinker.

Silk Naturals Belle dupe for Too Faced Candied Peach swatch

Belle (dupe for Too Faced Candied Peach)
medium coral peach demi-matte
Belle matches the color of Candied Peach in the pan. Candied Peach is much darker / more coral toned than Belle. Belle is more of an orangey coral.

Silk Naturals Scorching dupe for Too Faced Caramelized swatch

Scorching (dupe for Too Faced Caramelized)
deep copper bronze shimmer
Scorching is a smidgen deeper than Caramelized. This is actually a really pretty color. I like the mix of copper, bronze and gold. It also is one of those shades that would look amazing on a black base.

Silk Naturals Bayou dupe for Too Faced Bless Her Heart swatch

Bayou (dupe for Too Faced Bless Her Heart)
a medium deep olive green with golden brown undertones, and a slightly muted shimmery finish
Bayou is such a gorgeous, complex olive green with subtle gold / copper iridescence. I love it. Bless Her Heart is more dull in comparison.

Silk Naturals Strawberry Blond dupe for Too Faced Bellini swatch

Strawberry Blond (dupe for Too Faced Bellini)
medium peach with gold highlights
Strawberry Blond is a deeper peachy pink than Bellini, and Bellini has more of a gold shift while Strawberry Blond is more subtle.

Silk Naturals Freckle dupe for Too Faced Puree swatch

Freckle (dupe for Too Faced Puree)
warm caramel brown matte
These look identical to me.

Silk Naturals Darkside dupe for Too Faced Tempting and Urban Decay Black Market swatch

Darkside (dupe for Too Faced Tempting and Urban Decay Black Market)
jet black with a slight sheen
Darkside is slightly cooler toned than Tempting.

Silk Naturals Boots dupe for Too Faced Peach Pit swatch

Boots (dupe for Too Faced Peach Pit)
a deep blackened copper with coppery highlights, and a demi-matte finish
These look identical to me.

Silk Naturals Cognac dupe for Too Faced Summer Yum swatch

Cognac (dupe for Too Faced Summer Yum)
deep warm brown matte
These look identical to me.

Silk Naturals Backroad dupe for Too Faced Charmed, I'm Sure swatch

Backroad (dupe for Too Faced Charmed, I’m Sure)
a muted deep taupe with slightly warm undertones matte
Backroad is slightly less warm than Charmed, I’m Sure.

Silk Naturals Rendezvous dupe for Too Faced Delectable swatch

Rendezvous (dupe for Too Faced Delectable)
blackened smoky plum matte
Rendezvous is a softer, smokier plum matte.

Silk Naturals Shindig dupe for Too Faced Talk Derby to Me swatch

Shindig (dupe for Too Faced Talk Derby to Me)
an ultra pigmented matte black with natural purple glitter.
Shindig is amazing! The purple sparkle is very visible and it’s so much more pigmented than Talk Derby to Me.

Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Organic Vegan Dupe Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Organic Vegan Dupe Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Organic Vegan Dupe

The swatches below are on bare skin.


Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Favorite Shades Swatches

My Favorites from Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches
Row 1
– Sundress – Strawberry Blonde – Tanlines – Bayou
Row 2 – Savannah – Belle – Scorching – Shindig

Now, in my opinion, you do not need the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. There really aren’t a ton of peach shades in it, only about 5 (Just Peachy, Bellini, Candied Peach, Georgia, Peaches n’ Cream). It does have a ton of browns, which you probably already have similar shades in your collection (and some of the colors are even close to the Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette).

I would definitely recommend checking out some of the singles from Silk Naturals, because they’re pretty, they have better pigmentation, they’re vegan and they’re not limited edition, so you can get your hands on them right now.

What do you think of the Too Faced Sweet Peach vs. Silk Naturals Plenty of Peaches Palette? Which colors are your favorites?

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  • You post wonderful reviews and hands down the greatest eye shadow swatches! Thank you.

  • Very helpful! I wasn’t really interested in the TF Sweet Peach palette, but the swatches for the Silk Naturals eyeshadows were super helpful. Bayou, Boots, Scorching, and Tanlines definitely caught my eye, and I’ll be ordering them with my next order 🙂 Thank you as always for the lovely review!

  • The sweet peach palette was an easy pass for me but that Silk Naturals is hard to pass up…. thanks for the up close swatches. The SN website swatches were hard to see.

  • I just bought some of Silk Naturals’ shades in this line because I only buy vegan makeup and was so happy to get some dupes for the TF palette. I was sooooo happy to see that they had duped these shades. I think that if you did an eye look side by side with both palettes the difference might not even by that noticeable once applied to the eyes. Great review!

  • I’ve always liked Silk Natural’s eyeshadows, and I’m overdue to get something from them. I looked at the TF palette, and I was eyeing the midtone peach colors plus a couple others. but I can’t stand strong fragrance in makeup, so in reality I was never in any danger of getting the Peach palette anyway. I’m really liking Sunkissed, Coastal, Tan Lines, Scene Stealer, Savannah, Sun Dress, Belle, Strawberry Blonde, Freckle (may have a dupe for this), Boots, and Cognac, and will likely get at least a few of them.

  • I love when you do the compare swatches and give us options. I know it’s a lot of work to do these posts but they are definitely appreciated!

  • Thank you for these swatches! I think Silk Naturals shades look gorgeous and they are perfect dupe for Sweet Peach palette!

  • I wasn’t tempted by the TF Peach but there are some colors I like in the Silk Naturals. It’s been forever since I used loose pigments but I should practice to see if I’d like them again.

  • They did a great job duping the shades. I’m guessing Silk Naturals are better quality, considering the reviews I’ve seen for Sweet Peach.

    • Silk Naturals are better quality, more pigmentation, easier to blend, apply true to the color you see in the jar. They’re also talc free, paraben free, and handmade in the USA 🙂

  • I skipped the Too Faced peach not because it was hard to get, but because I don’t care for flagrance. The Silk Naturals interests me since it doesn’t have fragrance.

    • The fragrance in it is obnoxious to me. And I love their chocolate bars, but I hate the peach smell.

  • I almost posted about TF Sweet Peach palette today. Glad I didn’t. I do love that palette but the Silk Naturals look quite amazing. Since Too Faced doesn’t seem to want to make the palette available again any time soon, I think that it’s great that you’re featuring the Silk Naturals shadows so people can pick up just the peachy shades that they really want

    • Jerrod Blandino, Too Faced’s CEO has stated that they will be making the sweet peach available by December at the latest because the formula is time consuming to create. I think this says a lot about the company since this is LE. Also I think a major thing to consider is portability. I hate loose shadows because they are bulky and messy and the TF palette is compact and more affordable if you do the math.

      • My thought is that there aren’t really that many peachy shades in the Sweet Peach palette, so you’re better off buying the few shades you want and skipping it. It’s not a very good palette. Most of the colors do not perform well. The Chocolate Bon Bons or Semi-Sweet are much better performing palettes.

        • Your TF swatches look really pigmented though (and I like several shades slightly better than the Silk Nat– like Sundress and Strawberry Blond look identical to me). Can I ask, how many swipes did you do on your swatches and did you use a finger or brushes?

          • I used brushes. I have no idea how many passes I did to build up the Too Faced colors. I did a ton 🙁 The Silk Naturals, because it’s loose, really only requires one pass.

      • I’ve never had an issue traveling with loose powder products. If I fly, I use painter’s tape on the lids which can be removed and put back on multiple times. If I’m driving, it’s not an issue with lids coming off.

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