• Best Blogger Photography and Video Equipment

Best Blogger Photography Equipment

I get a lot of questions about what I use for photography and videos. Since I've streamlined what I'm using for 2016, I thought I'd share what made the cut for the best blogger photography equipment and what I no longer use. I've invested a LOT of money on my equipment over the years, some of which [...]

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  • Use Inlinkz and Yoast for Link Roundups

Are Link Roundups Obsolete?

I have nothing to disclose. Recently a fellow beauty blogger friend of mine who participates in link roundups - like I do - was hit with a manual Google Penalty for 'incoming unnatural links.' When she asked what the cause was, Google told her one of her link roundups. As you can imagine, this caused [...]

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  • Best Beauty Blogger Tips

New Tips for Beauty Bloggers

Hi! I've got some new tips for beauty bloggers from some of my favorite bloggers, as well as tips from me. Ditch Captcha Use a commenting system like Disqus (or livefyre or intense debate). These types of commenting systems are beneficial for multiple reasons: They cut out spam comments. Seriously, I get less than 1 [...]

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  • Epiphanie Black Lola Camera Bag Hybrid Purse Review

Epiphanie Black Lola Camera Handbag Review

  I Bought This Affiliate Links Last month I came across the Epiphanie Lola Camera Handbags. I fell in love with the Black Lola and made it mine. Epiphanie Bags are created by Maile Wilson. She launched her company in 2009 and they've been a huge success. I wish I had come across them [...]

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  • Lose the labels, be yourself

Tidbits: Be Yourself

As I'm sure you've heard many times over, you should be yourself. I just went to one of my best friend's college graduation. The main speaker, Mary Spio, was very inspiring. She spoke about how you should be yourself. Don't diminish your dreams to fit someone else's. Don't let someone else's negativity weigh you down [...]

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  • Kelly Moore B Hobo Handbag Camera Bag Review

Kelly Moore B-Hobo Bag Review

I Bought This Affiliate Links Happy Hump Day! Today I've got a review for you of the Kelly Moore B-Hobo Handbags. Kelly Moore makes stylish handbags and purses that are also camera bags. I got mine on sale on Amazon for $117.49 but they're normally $169. I purchased the Lavender color, which is more [...]

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  • How to Easily Install the Samsung SSD 840 Pro SATA III

How to Easily Install the Samsung SSD 840 Pro SATA III

 Press Sample Affiliate Links Happy Memorial day! Today I've got a special post for you. This is a video tutorial on how to easily install the Samsung SSD 840 Pro SATA III. A SSD is a solid state drive, which means that it doesn't spin. So while it's basically a type of computer hard [...]

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