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Cry Havok & Let Slip the Dogs of War

Ok, not really, but I thought it would make a funny title. Today I’m wearing Sobe Botanicals Havok and BftE Bondage, along with Venomous Pegasus. I was in the mood for stormy greys. I believe Havok is a custom color created for the lovely Grey of LeGothique. Also, I should note that I touched up my hair color last night. I bleached the strip by the left side of  my face and then used 1/2 of a jar of Jerome Russel Punky Color in Turquoise on my head. That’s the nice thing about short hair, I can get away with such a small amount of color! […]

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  • dru_closed

Dru’s Hot Sister

Another pink look! Today I paired up Sugarpill’s matte hot pink Dollipop with slightly darker shimmery hot pink Morgana Druscilla’s Sister. I also used Silk Naturals Cutie Pie, which complimented the look nicely.  I used Sobe Botanical’s Icing on the Cake blush for that whole ‘I’m not wearing blush’ flattering neutral look. […]

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Mithril Makes The Best Swords

Today I put together a look with Mithril, a dirty silver-gold. I added in lots of blues around it. […]

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  • shadow_transformations

Shadow Transformation

Shadow Transformation… the art of foiling, only I prefer to do it without water.  There are a few techniques for how to foil eyeshadow. This comparison of shadow transforming products has been a long time in the making. I’m comparing Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy (holy grail!), Hi-Fi’s High Impact Shadow Fix, Sobe Botanical’s Stick it and Medusa’s Makeup The Fix. I used 2 pressed shadows and 2 loose shadows for the skin swatches. I used various shadows, both pressed and loose, for the wear testing. This is done in a similar fashion to my eye shadow primer comparison V2.0. […]

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  • matte_shimmer_blushes

Sneak Peak – Sobe Botanicals New Blushes

Lex from Sobe Botanicals sent me a sneak peek with samples of her new blushes! You’ve seen me sporting Icing on the Cake, my favorite nude blush. I CANNOT get over how much I love this blush and I will be buying a full size soon. I feel like it looks amazing on me. Anyway, on to the pretty colors! I was really happy that I came up with fairly accurate color descriptions for these after looking at them under the daybulb. I think my eye for color is improving. I didn’t get to see the official color descriptions until after I came up with mine. […]

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  • atmosphere_closed

Neutral With A Kick

I did a neutral look with a kick today. I brought my crease color up really high to try and make my eyes look a bit bigger. […]

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  • dragon1_eye

Bonus Look – Blue-Green with Venomous Cosmetics

This look was inspired by this look from a livejournal community. I didn’t use the same products as I ended up using the Wet n’ Wild I Dream of Greenie palette and Venomous Cosmetics. I’ve got a review coming up with their products. […]

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