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How to Cover Redness from Rosacea

I wanted to share a video on how to cover redness from rosacea. This is how I've been covering my redness recently. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up, share and subscribe! Products Used Glossier Priming Moisturizer Nyx CC Cream Green in Light/Medium Cover FX Custom Cover Drops N10 (vegan) mixed with [...]

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  • My Experience Treating Rosacea with IPL

My Experience Treating Rosacea with IPL

You guys asked for it, here it is! I share my experience with treating rosacea with IPL in a video. I currently keep my rosacea in check by taking Oracea pills every other day (unless I'm having a break out, then I take Oracea daily). In about 6 months I will be going back for [...]

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  • My Favorite Cover FX Products

An Update on my Battle with Rosacea

With Ren from Makeup By Ren Ren. We're both Cover FX Brand Ambassadors. I wanted to share an update on my battle with Rosacea. As you may or may not know, I was diagnosed with rosacea in August of 2012. In case you don't know, rosacea is a fairly common skin disease that causes [...]

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  • A Rosacea Update

A Rosacea Update

I wanted to share a rosacea update with you. I saw my dermatologist today. She told me that my skin is looking better now than when I first came to see her 2 years ago. To prepare for my first round of IPL, I was told to stop taking my Metrogel Cream and only use [...]

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  • My Rosacea and IPL

My Rosacea and IPL

Feel free to skip this. In this video I am discussing my rosacea, my medications that I'm currently on, and how I'm investigating IPL as a treatment option for my rosacea. In this video, my rosacea is flaring particularly bad, so you can see how it makes me looks sunburnt. This is why I match [...]

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  • Best Ways to Survive Rosacea

Best Ways to Survive Rosacea

I Bought This | Press Sample Affiliate Links Since I was diagnosed with rosacea over a year ago, many of you have reached out asking if you have rosacea or how to cope with it. After living with my rosacea for a year, I've gotten a better handle on how to deal with it. [...]

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Tidbits – Rosacea

When I was at the Guerlain & Champagne event at Neiman Marcus, one of the lovely MUAs there was looking at my face and said I may have the start of rosacea, so I should see a dermatologist. I immediately called to make an appointment to get in as soon possible. Well, as soon as [...]

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