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Sugarpill Shrinkle Special

This is a look I’ve wanted to do for a while and it’s inspired by the Shrinkle Special (from Whimsy Beading and also from the illustrious Amy of Sugarpill). I’m still trying to catch up on all the comments on my blog, as well as catch up on reading everyone else’s blog. I’ve been reading but not able to comment. So please keep commenting! I love hearing from everyone :) […]

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Shrinkle Special

Kelly from Whimsy Beading sent me a lovely surprise, the Shrinkle Special! This was completely unexpected and really sweet of her. […]

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  • din_eye

Din’s Fire

I kept meaning to wear Din’s Fire and Majora’s Mask from Shiro Cosmetics, because they’re both quite lovely colors, but didn’t get a chance to do so until today. I ended up adding a bit Pixie Epoxy onto Majora’s Mask and then more of MM because the color really is so pretty and I wanted all the gorgeous sparkles to really come out and be seen. […]

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Looks for Grey – Pink & Gold

Go check out the lovely Grey's blog at Legothique! I did a happy pink look for her here. and in case you missed my last one for her, you can see it here.

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Sugarpill Pinks – Bonus Look

This is another look in my monochromatic Sugarpill looks. This time I used all the Sugarpill Pink shades that I own. Birthday Girl really surprised me with how much I loved it! Magentric is amazing, simply amazing. Really love this shade. Dollipop, as you know, has been a favorite of mine since I first tried Sugarpill. Decora looks pretty in here, too. You can see the aquas/turquoise here – Turquoise Burst You can see the purples here – Sugared Poisoned Plum. You can see the greens here – Midori Sour. […]

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Aromaleigh Hearts a’ Plenty

I put together what I consider a gorgeous look with colors from Aromaleigh’s Wonderstruck collection. I absolutely LOVE Hearts a’ Plenty and Pass the Tarts. […]

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Pink & Green Lightsabers!

I did another look today with Breast Cancer Awareness and Depression awareness as the theme. I love how the lid turned out. I layered a lot of pink shades for the crease. Not entirely happy with the crease, but I really really love the lid. Wrong Spell is SO HARD to apply evenly. I had to use a lip brush to get it applied and evened out on my lips. That’s a pain in the butt with a gloss. I like the color but not the difficulty of application. […]

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