Sugarpill Pinks – Bonus Look

This is another look in my monochromatic Sugarpill looks. This time I used all the Sugarpill Pink shades that I own. Birthday Girl really surprised me with how much I loved it! Magentric is amazing, simply amazing. Really love this shade. Dollipop, as you know, has been a favorite of mine since I first tried Sugarpill. Decora looks pretty in here, too. You can see the aquas/turquoise here – Turquoise Burst You can see the purples here – Sugared Poisoned Plum. You can see the greens here – Midori Sour. […]

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Aromaleigh Hearts a’ Plenty

I put together what I consider a gorgeous look with colors from Aromaleigh’s Wonderstruck collection. I absolutely LOVE Hearts a’ Plenty and Pass the Tarts. […]

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Pink & Green Lightsabers!

I did another look today with Breast Cancer Awareness and Depression awareness as the theme. I love how the lid turned out. I layered a lot of pink shades for the crease. Not entirely happy with the crease, but I really really love the lid. Wrong Spell is SO HARD to apply evenly. I had to use a lip brush to get it applied and evened out on my lips. That’s a pain in the butt with a gloss. I like the color but not the difficulty of application. […]

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Green & Pink – Depression & Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, in addition to being Depression Awareness Month. So Wednesday’s look incorporates Green and Pink together. Breast Cancer is near and dear to my heart as I had my first breast cancer scare at 23 (thankfully it was a huge benign cyst). My grandmother is a breast cancer survivor. One of my nearest and dearest male friends had a bilateral masectomy, since his grandfather had male breast cancer and his mother died to breast cancer. Breast Cancer is always a pretty serious issue to me. I tend to donate to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as 90% of the money sent to them goes for research and awareness. I’m also participating in a Relay for Life cancer sponsored walk in the spring. Depression is a less understood problem. It’s something many people are ashamed of and don’t reach out for help. It can be hereditary. Again, for me, these are issues close to home since loved ones suffer from Depression. While certainly there are medications out there that you can take, every single medication does not work for every person. It’s very much a series of trial and error with your doctor to find a medication that is suited to you. There are other things you can do to help, which include maintaining a balanced diet, exercise and a regular sleep schedule. Of course, these are also things that I can do to help with my anxiety issues. […]

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Necromancers and Mages, Oh my!

Ok, silly name, I admit it. But I used Meow’s Necromancer and Sugarpill’s Magentric for this look, along with Glamour Doll Eyes Angel Wings. […]

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Candy Sugarpill Tutorial

This is a video tutorial on the Candy Sugarpill look that I did for Grey at Legothique. […]

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Mineral Makeup 101 Basics Video Tutorial

This is just a little video tutorial on some Mineral Makeup 101 – How to apply mineral eye shadow with the dab/pat methods. There are many other methods, including foiling, using Pixie Epoxy (my personal favorite), or other mixing mediums as well as using bases like Paint Pots or Shade Sticks. I showcase ecoTools brushes because I own about 40 of them, they’re easily accessible to most people, and I think they’re really good quality. You can buy several good sets from Amazon.com: Alicia Silverstone set 6 Piece Eye Brush set And you can also find them at Target, Walgreens, Walmart and other stores. […]

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