• Blushing Noir's Beauty Storage

Blushing Noir’s Beauty Storage

The Beauty Spotlight is shining the light on Brook this weekend! Check Out Blushing Noir's Beauty Storage. Now that Spring is here, we all have organization on our minds!

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  • 10 Organization Hacks for Beauty Lovers

10 Organization Hacks for Beauty Lovers

For today's Beauty Top Tens I'm sharing 10 organization hacks for beauty lovers, along with what I'm currently using to organize my makeup stash. You may also want to check out the best beauty tools! This post contains a mix of items I've purchased and press samples. 1. Divided Drawers - Ikea Alex & Ikea [...]

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  • Container Store Haul

Container Store Haul

I don't often do haul videos, but I have a Container Store Haul video to share with you. This past Sunday I went to brunch with Genia and Erika. After brunch we went to the Container Store and I picked up more makeup storage. I even had a 15% off coupon (yay). This video shows [...]

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  • Phyrra's Makeup Collection Tour

My Makeup Collection

I Bought This | Press Sample Affiliate Links This has got to be one of my most requested videos in all of my years of blogging! This is a tour of my makeup collection. It doesn't include makeup that I'm currently reviewing. All of the products in the video were either purchased by me, [...]

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  • Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny Review

Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny Review

Press Sample Affiliate Links Happy Caturday! I'm happy to share with you today my Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny review. I've got a video portion to show you the product in action, as well as this written review. The Sherrieblossom ICEbOX Skinny is a luxury makeup organizer. It's been a huge hit among celebrities such as [...]

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  • Makeup Wars Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup

Makeup Wars Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup

Press Sample I Bought This Affiliate Links Happy Monday! This Makeup Wars Monday we're discussing our Best Ways to Organize Your Makeup. I've got quite a makeup collection, so I've got a lot of storage options to show you. Unfortunately I took these pictures an hour after I got back from the Makeup Show [...]

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  • Top Five Organizer Ideas for Your Makeup

Top Five Organizer Ideas for Your Makeup

Brought to you by Jennifer Mathews Affiliate Links Jen Mathews is the Chief Bunny and social media maestro for award-winning, cruelty free beauty blog, My Beauty Bunny. She is also the President of Top Tier Media, a social media agency for beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle brands. Every girl loves her makeup. With so [...]

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